WOWT News story about fraud directed at nannnies

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We hired our nanny after getting connected with her through She is absolutely amazing. She far exceeds all of our expectations of a nanny. We couldn't be happier and we feel SO lucky that she is the one taking care of our 11 month old daughter.

Chessie,Denver, CO

Nannies4Hire on WOWT News

Watch as a nanny detects attempted fraud in this WOWT News story. does its best to screen out unethical families. There have been recent internet scams brought to our attention. Below are some different scenarios and suggestions:

  • Do not accept an upfront payment from a family without starting a job or really ever interviewing with them.
  • Do not give out your personal bank account information. (many times the fraudulent families will want to send you money upfront to purchase items for them before they arrive in your location)
  • If a family cannot provide you an id# to their profile they have listed on, disregard contact with them.
  • Recently; we have seen where fraudulent families are contacting nannies via text message. (you do have the option of making your phone # invisible at
  • Remember; families cannot see your personal email address at - they have to email through the message box. So; unless you give them your email address, they do not receive it from
  • Be cautious. If it sounds too good to be true; it maybe is.
  • If a family wants to hire you without even checking references, interviewing you, probably is not real. You are taking care of the most important part of their life and they want to be safe, just as you do.
  • Check references, do background checks, meet at a public location for the first interview, etc.

If you ever question a family, feel free to contact and we can follow up with the family as well. We want you to have a wonderful, fun nanny experience!