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I wanted to write to say, "Thank You"!!! Your site has been a Godsend and I believe we have found an almost perfect match, if not a perfect match:) Your site has been so fantastic. I love that privacy is protected, that we can log on and read, reread any communication and we can keep notes. Your sample interview questions, reference questions and sample contract have also been immensely helpful. I am so blessed to have found this site and am very blessed to have found someone so compatible with our family and our needs. Again, we are most grateful!!! Thank you!!!

Pete & Julie,Goffstown, NH

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Currently living in: Chillicothe, OH
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I babysat for a LPN from 1pm-10-11pm throughout my teenage years. She was three years old when I started, I helped to potty train her, get her to sleep in her own bed, helped her speak clearly, and after she started going to school I would occasionally help her with homework. I did lunch, snack, and
Currently living in: Chillicothe, OH
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have babysat for several different families for about 5 years now. Each family has children ranging from newborn to 12 year olds. I have worked full days, overnight, and even all weekend when the parents have been on a trip.
Currently living in: Chillicothe, OH
Available to Start: 2013-12-01

Experience in full time nanny for infants and up to 4 years. Babysitting experience for children up to 8 years. Have taken CPR/babysitting class, but not currently certified - willing to get certified for the right family.
Currently living in: Chillicothe, OH
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I was a nanny for ten years previously and then I worked for HeadStart.
Currently living in: Chillicothe , OH
Available to Start: 2016-05-03

Lifeguard and daycare experience.