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Your site is great and I will always recommend it to others, I found a great family.

Jennilyn,Claymont, DE

Aupairs available for Immediate Employment in Nova Scotia.

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Currently living in: Halifax, NS
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have 12 years experience caring for children of all ages and I genuinely love being around them! I wanted to take this time to tell you more about myself and my experiences.
Currently living in: Halifax, NS
Available to Start: 2015-01-05

I currently have 6 years of childcare experience ranging from newborns to children of age 8. I have many years experience with overnight positions and taking the children out of the house, for example going on day trips or to the park.
Currently living in: Dartmouth, NS
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

Hello, Nannies4Hire families!
Currently living in: Canning, NS
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have been babysitting since I was 14 years old, however I have younger sisters and would watch them when I was younger than that for my parents. Throughout high school I babysat for a family 10-15hrs/week for children ranging infant-3 years of age. I have also babysat occasionally for other
Currently living in: Centreville, NS
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

i have babysat since i was 10 and love it!! i have babysat for two main families and still do.
Laura Lee
Currently living in: Halifax, NS
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

Ran a daycare/childcare facility in my own home for over 10 years. At start time my son was an infant and my daughter was 7 yrs. The children ranged from full-time infancy to young teens part-time after school. Most children stayed with my from infancy until they outgrew childcare. On occasion ..
Currently living in: Halifax, NS
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have babysat, like almost every teenager I know, since the age of 13, and frequently looked after the care of my three cousins. At the age of 15, I started teaching children ages 4 to 14 how to ski, and for the past four years I have spent my summers working as a lifeguard and camp counselor. ...
Currently living in: Hubley, NS
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I've always loved being around kids. Since I was 13, I would babysit for my aunt and uncle as well as several different families in my neighbourhood. When I was 16, my niece was born and has lived with me ever since. I see her everyday and care for her regularly. She's pretty much my best friend and
Currently living in: New Glasgow, NS
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I've worked with children as long as I can remember... In elementary, I would volunteer to help out with younger grades and though-out my teens I babysat for a few families. I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education and am currently working at a daycare, teaching the preschool class.
Currently living in: Halifax, NS
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

meal prep and serving, personal hygiene, scheduling of routine and special activities, planning and taking part in sports, arts and craft, educational and recreational outings, discipline, homework, daily nurturing, etc.

Fun facts about Nova Scotia

The Canadian government requires that you must provide your Nova Scotia nanny with a signed employment contract, if she is from a foreign country.

What is an employment contract? It is a written job description that details duties, weekly hours and wages. The contract must abide by minimum wage and overtime payment laws in Canada.

Know your obligations as an employer:

  • Give a copy of the signed contract to your foreign nanny. She will need to have the document when obtaining a work permit or renewing one.
  • You and your Nova Scotia nanny need to understand the conditions of her employment before signing the contract.
  • Understand that the relationship between you and the nanny is like any professional relationship.
  • Put in writing what each person expects of the other in the working relationship.

Your live-in Nova Scotia nanny may expect the day off for a public holiday. Public holidays are commonly recognized as days when most workers can have the day off with pay, or receive overtime or extra pay if they work.

Here are established public holidays in Canada:

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • Good Friday (Easter)
  • Victoria Day (late May)
  • Canada Day (July 1)
  • Labour Day (early September)
  • Thanksgiving (mid-October)
  • Christmas Day (December 25)

As an employer, you must provide acceptable working conditions for your live-in Nova Scotia nanny. Her duties need to be reasonable, and she needs to receive fair-market wages for her work.

Understand that your live-in care giver is protected by Canada’s employment laws. It is your obligation as her employer to know and follow the law:

  • Live-in nannies are entitled to days off each week.
  • Their salary needs to meet at least the minimum wage.
  • You need to respect your nanny’s cultural and religious practices.
  • Her accommodations need to allow for her privacy, such as a room with a lock.
  • You should not enter your nanny's room without her permission.
  • She needs to have freedom to come and go from your home, including a key to the house.
  • Remember that your house is your employee’s home as well as her place of work.

Your Nova Scotia nanny does not need a passport, if she is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, St. Pierre and Miquelon, or Greenland.

However, she will need to provide proof of citizenship or permanent residence, such as a national identity card or an alien registration card.

Work permits from a Canadian visa office will allow your foreign nanny to work here as a live-in caregiver. They are valid for one year, and must be renewed before they expire.

After a year, your nanny will need a letter from you stating that her job as a live-in caregiver is being extended for a second year.

The permit limits her employment to a live-in caregiver. She cannot work for a new employer without a new work permit naming the employer.

Did you know that qualified Nova Scotia nannies who arrive from foreign countries must meet Canadian rules for live-in care givers?

  1. The Canadian government requires that live-in nannies who are foreigners hold the equivalent of a Canadian high school education.
  2. A live-in nanny who is a foreigner must be able to speak and write fluently in either English or French.
  3. Work permits only allow live-in nannies to work for the family named on the permit.
  4. Your live-in nanny must have six months of training as a care giver, or 12 months of professional experience.
  5. The government allows live-in nannies who are foreigners to enroll in non-credit courses, so your Nova Scotia nanny can brush up on CPR training or take child development classes.
  6. She also can apply to be a permanent resident of Canada after two years of employment.