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Fun facts about Northwest Territories

Introduce your Yellowknife nanny to the thrills of winter sports, if she is not already active.

  • As residents know, snowmobiling is a routine part of life, as is cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing. Teach your nanny the basics of sae driving, then let her and the kids have fun.
  • Take her to a few sled-dog races, and give her a chance to ride on a sled pulled by huskies. She will never forget the experience.
  • Point out nature's nightly performance -- the dancing Northern Lights, once you leave the capital city of the Northwest Territories.
  • She will want to take the kids to the Caribou Carnival, the annual celebration of the coming spring. It includes snow sculpting, raven-calling, ice pond hockey, and an ugly dog and ugly truck contest. The day is not complete without a bowl of caribou stew. There are fireworks at night.

Summers, your Yellowknife nanny will want to take the kids hiking, camping, kayaking and canoing. You also may want to share with her the city's rich and colorful history as the "Gateway to the Arctic," and a former gold-mining town that is now the North American diamond capital.

Your Yellowknife nanny needs proper protection from the intense cold weather, and she needs to know how to bundle up the kids.

If she's local, she probably has an idea of how to layer her clothes for extreme cold. But if your Yellowknife nanny is from another province or country, she may need to be educated about protecting herself in sub-zero weather.

  • She's going to need a down parka and warm insulated boots, perhaps even insulated winter ski pants, too.
  • She can layer her clothes for outdoor activities. Start with polypropylene underwear, then add pants and a warm top. Top off the outfit with a fleece jacket and fleece pants. Add a down parka and head out the door.
  • Your Yellowknife nanny will need to have a selection of warm hats and mittens. It's not a bad idea to layer gloves, wearing silk gloves as a first layer. Some people prefer to wear a hat and ear muffs, too. A wool or fleece scarf is necessary to wrap loosely across your mouth and nose, because it may hurt to breathe when it reaches 20 degrees below zero with a light wind.
  • Also, make sure she understands that no matter how well she and the children are dressed up for the intense cold, trips outside are going to have to be limited during the winter months. It is essential for them to drink lots of fluid. Your nanny and kids may not realize it, but they can get dehydrated when playing and exercising in the cold.

Give your Arctic Coast nanny some tips for helping build your toddler's self-esteem and confidence.

While your nanny may have solid experience nurturing young children, she will appreciate your insights and guidance. Think about collecting literature and books that your Arctic Coast nanny can refer to and read.

Remind your Arctic Coast nanny to:

  • Praise your toddler's small accomplishments. These achievements may be sharing, listening, and responding to simple directions.
  • Talk with your toddler about the happy feelings she has caring for him.
  • Discuss in simple terms their plans for future activities, such as saying: "We will visit Grandma tomorrow," or "Let's imagine the kinds of animals we will meet when we visit the zoo today."
  • Verbalize the qualities she appreciates in your toddler, such as being a good helper or knowing how to take turns.

Your Yellowknife nanny needs to prepare for the rugged and extreme climate, especially if she's from anywhere else but the Northwest Territories.

People from away may be a little awestruck by the city's northern location in the Northwest Territories (1500 km north of Edmonton, Alberta, the nearest big city).

But this is the land of the midnight sun -- Canada's sunniest city, with more than 1,000 hours of sunshine in June, July and August. The resourceful residents of Yellowknife make the most of the short season, with activities going on night and day.

The city celebrates with parties and music downtown, so it's a good opportunity for your Yellowknife nanny to get out and have fun, with or without the children.

But your nanny also has to plan for living in Canada's coldest city -- and that's saying something -- with average nighttime winter temperatures of -29 Celsius (20 below zero Fahrenheit) and a mean annual temperature of - 5.4 Celsius (22 degrees Fahrenheit).

Part of her preparation is the psychological adjustment of living in extreme temperatures in a remote area. Here are some tips for helping her make the most of the rugged beauty of Yellowknife.

  1. Find ways to enjoy long winters. You may want to encourage your nanny to learn to ski, snowshoe, snowboard or ice skate, if she does not know how to already.
  2. Make a point to go outside each day. When the temperature dips below minus 20, it takes a hardy soul to spend much time outdoors. But talk to your nanny about the benefits of short walks or outdoors exercise -- and dressing for the climate.
  3. Develop hobbies. If your Yellowknife nanny does not have a favorite pastime, now is the time to develop one. Perhaps she and the kids can work on puzzles together, play Scrabble, read aloud, cook, or try their hand at poker or Texas Hold 'em.
  4. Make friends. Having connections in a new community is important. In the winter, it is easy to stay at home, take care of the kids and not socialize. But a happy employee is a productive one. Introduce your Yellowknife nanny to neighbors and young adults her age.

Meeting her new Mackenzie Valley nanny will be a happy experience for your toddler. But it also may be stressful. Help your Mackenzie Valley nanny and youngster get to know each other in a positive way without a lot of stress from changes.

For a toddler, stress can occur the moment Mom and Dad leave in the morning for work. For your new nanny, stress may occur as she tries to make a positive first impression with you and your child.

Help both your child and nanny succeed and develop a loving relationship.

Use play to relieves stress in your toddler. It is a happy diversion for your youngster and new nanny. Ask your nanny to prepare for separations and transitions. She can have your toddler's favorite activities nearby. The two can start playing before Mom and Dad leave. The departure may hardly be noticed!

If your youngster has a favorite blanket, pacifier or toy, she can keep it handy for difficult times. Encourage your nanny to remind your youngster that she is here to take care of her, and will make sure she is happy and safe while her parents are at work.

Your Great Slave Gateway nanny will want to enjoy one of the biggest and deepest freshwater lakes on planet earth. Great Slave Lake, which extends for 456 km, attracts outdoorsmen and women from throughout the world.

Outdoor adventures await your Great Slave Lake nanny, who will want to explore the region on her own or with your family. Here are some adventures she may want to try:

  • Fishing on the eastern arm of Great Slave Lake, where there is world-class lake trout.
  • Visiting former fur-trading outposts at the Slave River Delta and Fort Resolution.
  • Touring bison ranches and learning about the revival of the wood bison herd.
  • Sea kayaking at the headwaters of the Mackenzie River.

Here's a tip for establishing a good working relationship with your Great Slave Gateway nanny: Understand that she has social needs, in addition to getting satisfaction from caring for your children. Discuss with her expectations for vacations. Offer help and guidance with choosing safe and fun holidays for her, as she ventures out on her own or with friends.

Encourage your Mackenzie Valley nanny to discover the aboriginal traditions of celebrating the seasons, especially the coming of spring and summer.

After the long winter, she will want to take the children and head outdoors for festivals that feature northern arts, northern foods, and music and dancing with aboriginal roots. There are races, games and bush-skill contests.

But festivals are year-round in the Northwest Territories, starting with the New Year. Here is just a sample:

  • The Inuvik Sunrise Celebration commemorates the first sunrise of the New Year.
  • The Black Bear Jamboree is a summertime dance and party.
  • Aklavik Dizzy Daze is a fall celebration.

Here's a tip to pass along to your nanny: She can help the children understand the symbolism and importance of community gathering at festivals by discussing with them their favorites customs and rituals at home, such as family dinners, bedtime stories and religious celebrations like Easter and Christmas.

Wood Buffalo is aptly named. Residents are used to the buffalo that roam in this area like house cats do in the suburbs. Choose a Wood Buffalo Country nanny who is an avid nature lover and adventurer. She will truly appreciate this corner of the Northwest Territories, which contains one of the largest parks on earth.

Nanny and the children will spend their days exploring the wonders of Wood Buffalo National Park as their backyard. This huge boreal wilderness was preserved to protect the plains bison. Your nanny will also catch glimpses of the endangered whooping crane, which has its nesting grounds here.

There is good reason the park is a World Heritage site. The ecosystem will intrigue her, including the karst formations, salt plains and grasslands that seem to go on forever.

If your nanny is a kayaker, she is moving to a region known for some of the best rapids in the world along the Slave River. Encourage your Wood Buffalo Country nanny to take a guided tour with one of the area companies that offers wilderness vacations and challenges.

Educate your Arctic Coast nanny about the adventure that lies before her, as she arrives in the Northwest Territories to care for your children. If she is from another country or province, your new nanny may feel a little like Mary Poppins touching down in a new land. Only she is more likely to carry a laptop and i-Pod, than an umbrella.

Welcome your Arctic Coast nanny by revealing the culture of the region and her unique surroundings: ice-cored hills rising from the coast, and ice roads leading to the dramatic Beaufort Sea. Most people will never venture this far north in their lives. Your Arctic Coast nanny will be moving here to care for your children.

This is Canadaís Arctic and includes the Mackenzie Delta, Canadaís north coast and several arctic islands. She may want to travel on a guided tour of the delata, the Beaufort coast or the Richardson Mountains. Take her for a family drive along the Dempster Highway, show her the areaís artist colony, and take her wildnerness camping for an experience she will not soon forget.  

How can you prepare your Waterfalls Route nanny for the exuberance and high energy of your toddler?

First, don't worry. An experienced care giver is used to the playfulness of toddlers and young children. You can also offer her tips for helping your youngster channel his energy into positive play.

  • Encourage your Waterfalls Route nanny and children to get outside often. TV time should be limited. Living in the Northwest Territories provides ample opportunity for walks. Make sure you have an adequate stroller or backpack your nanny can use to carry your toddler when he tires.
  • Show her how to rotate his toys. If all his playthings are at his fingertips, he will have trouble making choices and get bored with his toys. Make toys special by bringing certain ones out at special times or as a reward for good behavior.
  • Make sure your nanny sticks to a schedule for your toddler's naps and rest time. High-energy toddlers may resist naps, but often fall asleep when they have a daily routine of quiet time. Sleeplessness causes agitation and fussiness in a youngster.
  • Show your nanny how to offer your toddler choices rather than making demands. For example, she can ask your child whether he wants juice or water with dinner, instead of telling him to drink with his meal.

If your Big Lake Country nanny has never before ventured into the Northwest Territories, you may need to acclimate her to the new and remote surroundings.

Take her to some of your favorite spots as well tourist destinations that have put Big Lake Country on the global map for outdoors enthusiasts.

  • Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary: These large beasts are as common as cattle when you drive along Highway 3 toward Yellowknife. The sanctuary is home to a national recovery program for wood bison. The sanctuary stretches west from the shore of Great Slave Lake. There are 2,000 bison in the Mackenzie sanctuary. Visitors say they show little fear of cars and human, often wandering across the road.
  • Thelon River: Wildlife abound in this Canadian Heritage River, located in the Barrenlands. Muskoxen, tundra swans and rough-legged hawks are among the unusual species that make their home here.
  • Cameron Falls Trail: Your nanny will see stands of aspen, spruce and jack pine as she hikes toward the falls in Hidden Lake Park. This easy hike is only 20 minutes and is a good introduction to woods walking for novices. Getting to the trail is a 46-km drive from Yellowknife along the Ingraham Trail. A bridge above the falls provides access to the rest of Hidden Lake Park.

Your Diamond Capital nanny needs to be a good fit for you as well as for your young child. Mothers of infants may have an especially hard time leaving their littles ones in the care of babysitters or nannies.

There are ways to ease the transition of bringing on a nanny to care for your baby, whether she is a live-in care giver or works at your house for several hours each day.

  • Choose a Diamond Capital nanny who is compatible with you and your child. She needs to be sensitive to your needs and desires for care of your little one.
  • Recognize your own feelings of grief and loss. New mothers may feel they are missing out on being with their babies, or that someone else is taking their place. Understand those feelings are natural and will go away, as a new and positive relationship develops with your nanny.
  • If you are breastfeeding, don't stop unless you want to. Get a breast pump and leave enough milk for your nanny to feed your baby all her meals. Set a routine for pumping at work. Your employer should be able to provide you a quiet and peaceful place to get the job done. Bring in a cooler with plenty of ice to store your milk.
  • Ask your Diamond Capital nanny to share with you her day. This will keep you feeling close to your child and her development.

Take your Nahanni Country nanny to the National Park Reserve, considered one of Canada's greatest treasures. If your Nahanni Country nanny is not from your community, she likely was drawn to the Northwest Territories for its remote grandeur and natural resources.

First take her to the library or invest in some books on Nahanni Country, which includes the rivers, towns and villages nestled in the foothills of the Nahanni mountain range. There are few spots in North America as remote and wild as the Northwest Territories, and Nahanni‚€™s history will fascinate your nanny.

Relay to her Nahanni legends of lost gold and remote waterfalls higher than Niagara. She may want to take a plane tour of the region, view towering Virginia Falls, or embark on a guided canoe or rafting trip that starts high in the mountains. Nahanni offers true adventure that includes river canoing that can be reached only by air. A family camping or hiking trip is an ideal way to introduce your Nahanni Country nanny to the unique community and culture of the Northwest Territories.