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I have been a member of Nannies4Hire i think since it started. It is a great site!!! I've been a babysitter, nannie, childcare provider,baby nurse, governess, etc or how ever people want to name this speciallity since the year of 1986 I i started babysitting a little girl 11 months old. I love children, i love their spontaniety, i love to teach them crafts, songs, letters, reading, speaking, numbers , coloring etc., to love animals and all the world, world is magic, breathing is magic, life is magic, people, love and care for one another. I am also a mother of two young adults that r allready on their owne .. I am a happy peson and love life. Thank you Nannies4Hire for the fantastic families ,and children I've known through the years. You have been a lot of help to families and people like me!! Dalida.

Dalida,Elmhurst, IL

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Spencerport, New York

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Currently living in: Spencerport, NY
Available to Start: 2014-05-12

I have a younger sister who I have taken care of, as well as babysitting other children from the age of two to 12. I have had jobs with family friends, and have been recommended by them to friends of theirs. I am experienced with bed- time routines and putting together basic meals. I enjoy spending
Currently living in: Spencerport, NY
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

For the past 19 years I have worked with eight families which included 14 infants and toddlers, current family having twins.I feel very fulfilled in helping parents provide a necessary service which allows parents to focus on their jobs and other duties comforted by the fact that their children are
Currently living in: Spencerport, NY
Available to Start: 2016-01-01

I started babysitting when I was about 12 years old. I babysat for family friends until the kids were able to be on their own. When I babysat them I would have to stay over night sometimes due to the parents' careers. The kids were the sweetest and always kept me busy. I didn't babysit much after ..
Currently living in: Spencerport, NY
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

besides being the mom of 2, i have worked in daycare for 5 years and been a nanny for 5 years.