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We love our nanny we hired through Nannies4hire.com. After narrowing our search down to about 10 nannies we did interviews. Pam The last nanny we interviewed ended up being the best "fit" for our family. She is retired from her own private daycare and works part time for us. She is 53 and is like part of our family. She knows exactly what to do and not to do with our son and is extremely reliable. She travels in snow storms and arrives at 6am so i can leave for work. My husband and i are both work really variable hours and she is flexible to help us out. She also does other things for us like cook and clean(although its not on her job description). She's also a Christian as we are and is willing to teach our son our beliefs and values. We really hit the jackpot with her. We definitely recommend Nannies4hire.

Heidi,Apple Valley, MN

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Keyport, New Jersey

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Currently living in: Keyport, NJ
Available to Start: 2015-10-19

I am a former Teacher, and professional child care provider for children ages 2 months to 15 years old, with over 25 years experience, providing active, fun, creative, and quality care, and domestic assistance, for children and families throughout NJ! My experience includes teaching pre-k,and
Currently living in: Keyport, NJ
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I started working in daycare in 1998 until July of 2010. I was an assistant teacher as well as a head teacher. I have been a nanny for 5 years now.
Currently living in: Keyport, NJ
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I've been doing childcare on and off since 1993. I've worked with multiple families expanding my experience through the years. My duties have included but were not limited to watching over the kid's well being, food preparations (for kid's), homework assistance, driving to and from activities, takin
Currently living in: Keyport, NJ
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I am currently teaching a preschool class of 3 and 4 year-old children. I have worked in the field for over 6 years now. I have experience working with children with special needs and english as a second language children.
Currently living in: Keyport , NJ
Available to Start: 2016-04-01

I grew up in a home that also doubled as my mother's child care center for 16 years. Throughout those 16 years, I developed relationships with kids that I will remember forever. It began as coming home from school and interacting with them; then as I got older, I began my job as a "mother's
Currently living in: Keyport, NJ
Available to Start: 2016-05-04

I enjoy working with kids. I am a teacher for toddlers and former nanny.