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Thanks so much for providing this great service! I just was hired as a nanny for a great family and have you all to thank for it. I really appreciate all that you do... Keep up the great work!

Jenna,Burnsville, Mn

Aupairs available for Immediate Employment in New Brunswick.

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Currently living in: Moncton, NB
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have babysat for many families in the past. I have fed, cleaned, done activities, etc with the children.
Currently living in: Moncton, NB
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I am currently employed in a daycare and have been for 3 years. I have worked with children from the ages from 15 mth-12years !! I really love my job but I'm looking for a change ! I have 10 years of experience babysitting and working in my field. I work with many children at a time, I am very
Currently living in: Riverview, NB
Available to Start: 2014-06-01

-I have volunteered at daycares and children's programs at churches.
Currently living in: Fredericton, NB
Available to Start: 2013-08-24

Hi my name is Jeanette Leach and i wish to apply for the live in nanny job you have advertised.
Currently living in: Fredericton, NB
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have been interested in working with children and youth from the young age of ten. I have been involved with childcare for thirteen years, including babysitting, volunteering at a daycare center, completing three year long college placements in behavioral classrooms working with at risk youth, an
Currently living in: Moncton, NB
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

Growing up I would help take care of my little sister and cousins. There are 10 years difference between my sister and I so I've been helping since a young age. My first nanny job was helping a foster parent. She had 4 permenant children from ages 5- 16. One boy with learning disabilities and three
Currently living in: Saint John, NB
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have babysat children between the ages of 5 and 10 during the summer months.
Currently living in: Saint Stephen, NB
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I love children and I did enjoy being with them. I got my own two boys. I did brought them up alone. I had a child care job when I was 12 yrs old until I was 14 yrs old. I am a good mom and a good care giver to the elderly/ adult. I did have also an internship to the elderly/Alzheimer candidate
Currently living in: Fredericton, NB
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have kept children most of my life - from baby-sitting for friends, family, and acquaintances. It does not matter the age, as I enjoy working with children and they seem to enjoy being with me.
Currently living in: Saint John, NB
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

Past childhood caring experiences have all been positive and have encompassed a fun and structured environment. Duties included babysitting as well as preparing children for school daily.
Currently living in: Fredericton, NB
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have been doing child care since i can remember, i have two younger sisters two years younger and five years younger whom i frequently looked after. I have also have a full time babysitting job in the past for two children brother and sister who were 9 and 12. This emploment lasted for 3
Currently living in: Gagetown, NB
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

Worked as a nanny for 2 years as a live in also worked at a daycare and have looked after children in my own home for more than 10 years also worked as a TA at different schools

Fun facts about New Brunswick

It may be hard to keep your New Brunswick nanny and kids away from the Crystal Palace Amusement Park, which bills itself as the only indoor and outdoor amusement park in Atlantic Canada.

There also is a movie theater and book store. Of course, the midway is for older children or for your nanny to visit on her time off. Here is just some of the excitement that awaits:

  • Bullet roller-coaster;
  • Wave-Swinger;
  • SkyFlyer
  • Lazer Runner.

For the younger kids, there is a carousel, miniature golf, ferris wheel and bumper cars.

If you want your New Brunswick nanny to shepherd the children to activities in your car, you will need to make sure she is licensed to drive and covered by insurance.

  • Make sure she knows how to drive, carries a valid license and has a clean record.
  • Check your local DMV to see if she needs to be licensed in New Brunswick, especially since she may be living with your family for a while. The Motor Vehicle branch of the BC Ministry of the Attorney General is responsible for regulating the use of international licenses in Canada. For specific information, you must contact your local Motor Vehicle Branch office.
  • Call your insurance company. She will need to be added to your coverage. Your premiums may go up.
  • Set rules around the use of the car. Expect her to clean up her own trash and debris.
  • Make sure she has proper car seats for the children and knows how to use them.
  • Expect to pay for her gas and tolls when she is driving in the course of her work day.

No trip to New Brunswick is complete without visiting the Bay of Fundy, one of the natural wonders of the marine world.

Your New Brunswick nanny likely will want to know all she can about her new home, and a visit to the Bay of Fundy should be on your short list of things to do.

Of course, she will want to know why the tides are so high. With a little research you can give an explanation that will impress your nanny and your kids. Now that’s a feat.

The Bay of Fundy is funnel shaped, with a wide end that tapers to a narrow end. This tapering constricts the tidal flow into the bay. The bay also is influenced by a phenomenon called the “Seiche Effect.” It is similar to water sloshing back and forth in the bathtub, with each wave building on the last one and getting higher. This is why the Bay of Fundy is known as “the world’s largest bathtub.”

Here are some other fun Fundy facts you can pass along on your visit to the bay:

  • Fifteen species of whales visit the Bay of Fundy, drawn by the plankton bloom.
  • Thirty-four species of shorebirds use the marshes and mudlands of the upper Bay of Fundy.
  • Dinosaur footprints, bones and plant fossils have been found in the area.

You and your spouse have focused a lot on what qualities you desire in your New Brunswick nanny. But what does your nanny want and need? How can she stay satisfied and challenged in her job?

  1. First and foremost, your new nanny needs to know she has your support and respect. When there is the inevitable conflict with your child -- whether it is over doing homework or taking a nap -- the nanny needs to know you will back her up.
  2. She wants you to listen to her. Your nanny will spend up to 10 hours a day with your children. She may make observations about your daughter's needs or your son's development. Stop what you are doing and pay attention to what she says.
  3. Respect her privacy. Your nanny is likely to expect that her bedroom is off limits to you and your children. Likewise, you need to refrain from over-questioning her about her friends and how she spends her free time.
  4. Maintain Your Privacy. Every couple has disagreements. Try to save those discussions for a time when the nanny is not around. In addition, do not expect her to take sides when you and your spouse disagree over child care or anything else.
  5. Talk to her. Your nanny is your employee, but she also needs to be treated like extended family. She is likely to be young and new to your community and/or country. Be her friend, guide and supporter.

Make sure your New Brunswick nanny is prepared for any emergency when you and your spouse are not home.

Here are some basic steps you can take that will ensure your nanny has the resources she needs to prevent problems and to respond appropriately in a crisis:

  1. Prepare a first aid kit. Keep it stocked with Band-Aids, ointment, gauze, Ace bandages and other essentials.
  2. Keep an emergency contact list in a handy place. The list should contain numbers for poison control, your children's doctors, the local hospital, your office and cell numbers, school numbers, and contact information for friends and neighbors.
  3. Conduct family fire drills. Your nanny needs to know the best evacuation routes in your house. She also needs to know how to react in a fire emergency.
  4. Make sure your nanny knows CPR. It's not a bad idea if she takes a refresher course.
  5. Make sure she knows your rules for responding to service people and others who may visit your house while you are away.

Your New Brunswick nanny is in for a special treat, because the province boasts some warm-water beaches that invigorate bathers, especially when they step out into the brisk Canadian air.

If your nanny is like a lot of young adults, she will want to spend some time this summer discovering New Brunswick beaches, whether it is in her free time or with the kids.

Here is a list of beaches that offer everything from pristine locations to ocean water as warm as bath water:

  • Parlees Beach : Warm water, white sands. It’s a favorite spot for windsurfers, boaters and hikers.
  • Kouchibouguac National Park : Swimming in the warm, salty lagoon is like spending the day at a spa. The water temperature reaches 85 degrees Fahrenheit, so your nanny can don her bikini without getting goose bumps.
  • Cape Enrage : Among Canada’s most scenic beaches, according to Frommer’s Guide.
  • Murray Beach : Wake up early to watch the spectacular sunrise off the Acadian coast.

Young women choose to be nannies because they enjoy taking care of children. Often they also want to learn about a new city or country by living there.

Help your New Brunswick nanny discover the pleasures and beauty of the province. Why not take her for a car tour of the region's covered bridges along Route 890? Your children will love to point out their favorite sights and scenery.

The bridges you will pass through or see are:

  • Tranton Covered Bridge, built in 1927;
  • Salmon River Covered Bridge, 1908, and park.
  • Oldfield Covered Bridge, 1910, and park.

Your nanny will discover the quaintness of New Brunswick along Route 890, which runs from Sussex to Petitcodiac. As you drive across the rolling hills, point out historic churches, cemeteries and buildings. Stop at Four Corners Irving Convenience for "big scoop" ice cream, or order a chicken dinner at the Dixie Lee Family Restaurant.

Your New Brunswick nanny and kids can chase away the winter doldrums by attending winter festivals that feature snowmobile rides, snow golf, even a snow carnival. Here’s a list of events:

  • Winterfest: Dogsledding is one of the most popular events, but there also are ice slides, snow climbing and polar bear golf. This is a weekend event in February.
  • Wild Wacky Wonderful Winter Carnival: This is Riverview's annual carnival in the snow, with lots of outdoor activities for the kids. It is held in mid-February.
  • White Gold Snow Trek: Three days of snowmobiling in February make up the snow trek. Each night, snowmobilers stay at a different inn or lodge. This is an event that your New Brunswick nanny may want to consider doing in her free time. It is limited to the first 100 people who sign up.
  • Dalhousie’s Winterfest: Dogsled races, sleigh rides and a hockey tourney highlight this winter fest in March. There also is a skating party, coffee party and giant tube sliding party.

New Brunswick hosts festivals just about every weekend in July. They are a way for your New Brunswick nanny to sample local culture and charm, and for the kids to have a special outing.

Put these festivals on a list that your nanny can use when planning activities for the children:

  • Renaissance Feast: Kickoff event to New Brunswick’s annual Shakespeare festival.
  • Summer Shakespeare Festival: Runs for two weeks in July.
  • BMO Nesbitt Burns Jazz and Blues Festival: Held in Saint John's historic uptown and waterfront.
  • Baie des Chaleurs Chamber Music Festival: This international fest is in mid-July, with musicians from Canada and abroad.
  • Craft festival: Annual open air fine arts and crafts festival held on the Rothesay Commons near Saint John.
  • Loyalist Heritage Festival: Walk the Loyalist Trail, visit the Loyalist House, watch the Loyalist Heritage Festival Parade.
  • Festival Western de Saint-Quentin (Western Festival of Saint-Quentin): The largest western festival in the Maritimes. Nine-day event includes a rodeo, country show, horse haul, children’s activities.
  • Bon Ami Festival: B each party, market days, parade, pageantry, dancing, sporting events, mussel boils, lobster dinners, fireworks
  • Highland Games and Scottish Festival: Weekend of Celtic music, traditional food and drink.

A great way for your New Brunswick nanny to make friends is to meet other newcomers like herself. After all, your nanny may be arriving from another province or even another country.

Your new nanny may know little about New Brunswick activities and have no friends here. The Newcomers Club of New Brunswick can help. It gives new residents, like your New Brunswick Nanny, the chance to meet other newbies in their area. The club has general meetings and interest groups for learning about a new city, culture and activities.

The goal of members is to develop friendships and share interests and hobbies. Often members are young moms who are home during the day taking care of kids. They are likely to have the time to meet with your New Brunswick nanny for a stroll in the park with toddlers or babies in carriages.