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Our time with Debbie was brief, but positive in every way. We originally sent her email wherein she responded that same day. We then met her at my office for an interview. She made such an impression that we invited her to have a playdate with my children, who are 2 and 6 years old. We have had nannies for our children for over 6 years and have seen the good and the bad. She was actually the first nanny we invited to meet them after having spoken to and met approximately 35 other nannies. When she arrived at our house, she immediately took an interest in the children. She was very attentive and asked questions to see how we would like her to care for our children. Following the playdate, we offered her a full-time nanny position with our family. At her first day and each day thereafter she was punctual, pleasant, couteous, professional and respectful. The children were her priority. Through no fault of her own, our prior nanny (who had been with us for 1 1/2 years) advised that she was no longer relocating (which was the reason we were looking for a nanny). After much consideration, we felt it was best for the children to be with the nanny they had known. During our brief time with Debbie, it was truly a pleasure to have her in our house and as our nanny. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Sincerely, Stacy

Stacy,Delray Beach, FL

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Currently living in: Port Huron, MI
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have been a nanny for over the last 10 years. I have experience with all levels of needs an ages. I have provided a wide range of services (e.g. cleaning, special needs, travel, transportation,tutoring, educational activities, general care needs, laundry, etc.)as well.
Currently living in: Port Huron, MI
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I absolutely adore children of all ages. I have been around kids all my life. My mother has a daycare in our home and I have helped her for 8+ years. I have also babysat for my neighbors, friends, family, etc. I have babysat during the day, night, and have done overnight visits as well. I am a
Currently living in: Port Huron, MI
Available to Start: 2016-05-10

I have had 20 years experience caring for children of all ages and multiples at one time. I have worked in my home, other family homes as well as daycare facility.
Currently living in: Port Huron, MI
Available to Start: 2016-06-12

I have watched my little sister since I was 12 years old I have watched my cousins since I was 12 years old and I help my mom with a three year old for her daycare