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I have been a member of Nannies4Hire i think since it started. It is a great site!!! I've been a babysitter, nannie, childcare provider,baby nurse, governess, etc or how ever people want to name this speciallity since the year of 1986 I i started babysitting a little girl 11 months old. I love children, i love their spontaniety, i love to teach them crafts, songs, letters, reading, speaking, numbers , coloring etc., to love animals and all the world, world is magic, breathing is magic, life is magic, people, love and care for one another. I am also a mother of two young adults that r allready on their owne .. I am a happy peson and love life. Thank you Nannies4Hire for the fantastic families ,and children I've known through the years. You have been a lot of help to families and people like me!! Dalida.

Dalida,Elmhurst, IL

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Wellesley, Massachusetts

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Currently living in: Wellesley, MA
Available to Start: 2015-05-23

I am currently going into my sophomore year at Hobart College in upstate New York. I began babysitting when I was a freshman in high school for a family with four kids and have been babysitting that family and many others around my town since. I have experience with special needs (autism and Down ..
Currently living in: Wellesley, MA
Available to Start: 2014-05-25

I started babysitting about six years ago for a family with three children under the age of three and discovered that I really enjoyed it! I come from a large family and am the second oldest so even when I am not babysitting, I am around kids and always feel comfortable. I have continued babysitting
Currently living in: Wellesley, MA
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I discovered I have a knack when it comes to working with kids, so I decided to go down the nanny road and do something that would both benefit myself and the children I was responsible for.
Currently living in: Wellesley, MA
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

babysitting since I was I am 18