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Levy has taken care of our son since he was 4 weeks old (he is now 2 yrs. old). We have never stopped thanking our good fortune to have found her and had her take such an active part in our son's development. She is a loving, happy, sweet, thoughtful, punctual, hardworking, and trustworthy person. She is not just his guardian who protects him while we are gone, she is his energetic playmate, stimulating teacher, gourmet chef, and best friend. I honestly believe it is under her influence that my son is such a happy, cheerful child. She understands how to teach a child respect for others and is able to provide discipline in a loving, nurturing manner. She has never called in sick and worked long, hard hours through rain, sleet, or snow cheerfully because she made our child her top priority. Others have commented to me on many occasions how lucky I was to have found her. Anyone who employs Levy and treats her with respect will NOT be disappointed. We will miss her terribly and are very worried we will never find a nanny as dedicated as she is. We hope she will be a part of our family forever.

Melissa and Eric,Clark, NJ

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Currently living in: Davidsonville, MD
Available to Start: 2013-06-05

Over ten years experience with childcare. 2 years as a nanny; worked in daycares; occasional babysitting
Currently living in: Davidsonville, MD
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I was a nanny for a family of 3 children. I would come over after school and help them with homework and take them to sports or errands. There dad passed away so they moved to Florida to be with their grandparents. My second childcare experience was in the summer. I took care of a family of 4. They
Currently living in: Davidsonville, MD
Available to Start: 2014-10-01

Cared for my son, other family and friends children from infant to pre-teen. Am retired and would love to work part time caring for children. I am very neat, clean and tidy and have a great sense of humor and fun.
Currently living in: Davidsonville, MD
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have been babysitting or mother's helping since i was nine. My two older brothers used to watch my younger brother and me while my parents were out, so I try to be somewhat like a big sister when I watch other children; I like to have fun and I'd rather play any game than sit in front of the tv ..
Currently living in: Davidsonville, MD
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I have babysat since I was thirteen years old. I also nannied for a family this summer 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. I took them to many activities such as movies, the pool, the bead factory, soccer camp, restauraunts, etc. I was a nanny for two years for a little boy who was three months old when I