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WOW! What an incredible website you have, and how EASY and AFFORDABLE it is to use. Last Spring, I had to change my nanny unexpectedly. I went to and have been absolutely thrilled with Ana who I found on your site. Ana comes to work with a smile every day, I can tell the time by her punctuality and the kids and I love her. I have had many miserable nanny experiences, especially with agencies. I think you are on to something here by putting the power into the mom's hands and her best gut judgment. Many of the candidates I selected were qualified for the job, wich left me with more than plenty to choose from Thank you for being there when I needed a nanny most!

Christina,Washington, DC

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Currently living in: Lombard, IL
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

I was a Jr. High youth leader at a Church for 2 years and I volunteered in the church nursery. I also was a leader for elementary age students for a non profit group. Sonlight was a program for the kids of refugee families to help them learn how to read, write, and do basic math. I currently mentor
Currently living in: Lombard, IL
Available to Start: 2014-04-01

I have work with many families since I was 15 years old. I have worked in my church nursery since I was 11. I have always loved kids and had a passion for working with them. I have been a part time nanny and I have babysat for datenights. I have experience watching just about every age group and I a
Currently living in: Lombard, IL
Available to Start: 2013-09-15

I currently run my own licensed home daycare I was a Elementary Teacher for 11 years and a babysitter since age 12. I am the eldest of six children.
Currently living in: Lombard, IL
Available to Start: 2016-10-08

Nanny for one year for elementary age children requiring extracurricular activities, after school snacks and help with homework.
Currently living in: Lombard, IL
Available to Start: Start Date Is Flexible

i have performed all tasks associated with taking care of infant to age 6 year old child for the past 15 years...i've been taking classes and involved in other interests too but i always seem to want to take care of and spend time with young children because it's really fun work.. they are usually .
Currently living in: Lombard, IL
Available to Start: 2016-04-08

I was a nanny for two years. I have been watching kids my whole life.