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We wanted to thank you for this wonderful web service. We found a great nanny to care for our infant son after only a few weeks of searching. Crystal has all the safety credentials and experience that we want and is very professional. Overall, we are very happy with the calibre of person we came in contact with on this site.

Mary and Fleance,Bronx, NY

Hiring a Nanny Can Save Families Money, Provide Many Benefits

Adrienne Walkowiak, Publicist

Norfolk, NE- Hiring a nanny is a convenient, affordable option that can actually save families significant money over other childcare options.

"In these tough economic times, we're all being cautious with our spending. Parents may be worried about hiring a nanny, thinking it's too luxurious in light of the current economic downturn. But in reality, hiring a nanny can actually save families money over other childcare options," says Candi Wingate, childcare expert and founder of and

Nannies can save families money in the following ways:

  • Being less expensive than many day care centers. If you have two or more children, it's often more cost-effective to hire a nanny, as daycares charge per child and will be more costly than paying a nanny to come to your home.
  • Providing "nanny sharing" options: having one nanny watch kids from several families simultaneously or having one nanny work part-time for two different families, spending a few days with each family. These options help reduce costs, while still providing the benefits of having a nanny.
  • With a nanny, parents don't have to leave work - potentially missing a day's pay - when their child is sick, like they would with day care. Your nanny can stay home with your ill children while you work.
  • Saving money on food. Your nanny can prepare nutritious homemade meals, reducing the number of take out and/or restaurant meals that you eat. Restaurant meals are more expensive - and often less healthy - than home cooked meals.
  • Reduced healthcare costs, as you may have healthier children if you keep them out of daycare and away from other kids' germs.

"Families who go online at to hire a nanny can save thousands of dollars over those who use nanny placement agencies," Wingate added.

Nannies4Hire provides nannies with a range of salary requirements, and have wonderful nannies that fit within each client's budget parameters. Salaries vary and depend on the nanny's experience, duties, responsibilities, geographic location and more.

When hiring a nanny, families should consider the following:

  • Whether they need full-time or part-time support.
  • The nanny's responsibilities.
  • The nanny's level of experience.
  • Any special training the nanny should have, such as CPR, First Aid or lifeguard certification.
  • Whether you'll need overnight help for business trips or vacations.
  • Your child's/children's special needs. has been affiliated with the nanny industry since 1987 and has grown into one of the largest and most successful companies in the business. Candi Wingate, President of, a mother herself, knows first-hand how hard it can be to find the perfect nanny. is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Their database is designed to assist families in finding a quality nanny for their specific needs and requirements and offer nannies an enjoyable employment experience.

The company has a great relationship with the Dr. Phil Show, often providing babysitters for families that are on the show. has also worked with TLC's hit show, John and Kate Plus Eight and ABC's Supernanny.

Nannies4Hire teams up with corporations nationwide to help find childcare for their employees. Thousands of families and nannies throughout the United States and Canada have joined and our list continues to grow daily.

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