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I want to thank you for your web-site. I have found a job and will start in Jan. I found your web site to be easy to use and I would recommend it to other nannies looking for a job.

Theresa,Parsippany, NJ

Nannies Unplug The Wired Generation

~ New Data From Nannies4hire.com Bucks National Trend on Media Use By Children~

February 8, 2010 (Omaha, NE) -There are many advantages to having a nanny, but a new survey by Nannies4hire.com shows that children with a nanny are less plugged into computers, iPods and video games than the national trend. A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation reports average use of media by children ages 8-18 is about 7.5 hours a day, an increase since 2004. For children with a nanny, that average plummets to 1.6 hours a day.

To see if this is a global trend, Nannies4hire.com conducted a study with nannies and babysitters registered with the online database service. In a survey of 1,000 caregivers, the positive influence of a nanny in the house is clearly felt, as children ages 8-18 are only spending 1.6 hours a day on computers, watching TV, listening to music on iPods or mp3 players, and playing video games, almost 6 hours less than the average child. A surprise added benefit of having a nanny in the home involves the health of these children as well; on average children with a nanny spend 3 hours a day playing outdoors.

Candi Wingate, the founder of Nannies4hire.com believes the difference is with the qualities a nanny brings to a family, “The number one goal of a nanny is the health and happiness of the child they supervise. They are not paid to watch a child whittle away the day with video games; they are paid to contribute to emotional, intellectual and physical well-being of the children in their care,” states Wingate, author of The Nanny Factor, A Parent’s Guide to Finding the Right Nanny For Your Family (Spring, 2010) “Nannies interact with the children in their care, taking them outside whenever possible and engaging their minds in much more than the mindless activity of watching TV or playing on the computer,” Wingate continues.

About Nannies4Hire.com:

Nannies4hire.com and their sister companies, Care4hire.com and Babysitters4hire.com are online database services that match families with caregivers that live in their own geographic areas. Families can search the database for particular characteristics, such as experience with infants, multiples or children with special needs. A special text alert feature notifies registered caregivers when a family is interested in contacting them.

About Candi Wingate:

Candi Wingate, President of all three companies has been an advisor to the Dr. Phil show, Kate Gosselin of TLC’s Jon & Kate plus 8 and as a resource for ABC’s Supernanny casting calls. Wingate is also the author of 100 Tips for Nannies and Families. Inc Magazine honored Nannies4hire.com on their Inc 500 list of the fastest growing private companies. Corporations should inquire about the special corporate daycare and sickcare programs.

For interviews or review copies of The Nanny Factor or 100 Tips for Nannies and Families, please contact Candi Wingate at Nannies4hire.com; 402-379-4121; help@nannies4hire.com