Tiffany & family in El Dorado, AR

Family ID# 66620
Parent's Name:Tiffany
Location:El Dorado, AR 71730

Child Info:12-male 4-male 3-male 1-male Twins due spring 2017
This family has the following pets:
We need a nanny to start by:
Our nanny needs to:Live-In
Weekly Salary:Negotiable
Position Duration:Permanent / Full-time
Ideally, we are looking for a candidate in the following age range:
26-40,41-55,Over 55
Hiring location:

Requested Availability
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Early Morning (6a-9a)  
Late Morning (9a-12p)  
Early Afternoon (12p-3p)  
Late Afternoon (3p-6p)  
Early Evening (6p-9p)  
Late Evening (9-12)  
Overnight (12a-6a)  

We are offering the following benefits:
Travel with Family,Paid Vacation,Paid Holidays, The nanny’s salary is negotiable and depends on experience, what the nanny can offer and the schedule that is worked out. The family does offer the following additional benefits: paid vacation and holidays, paid living expenses, internet, cell phone, pay when our family does not need the nanny to work, potential for annual salary increase, opportunity to see the country/world on vacations and family trips, and travel arrangements for interview and trial period. They also offer a vehicle to drive and separate living quarters that includes a new three bedroom, two bath house for the nanny to go, unwind and have her own personal space.
We are offering the following accommodations:
Private Room,Private Bath,Separate Quarters
Automobile use:
Car provided while on duty.
We require a valid drivers license:
We require candidate to provide or agree to submit to the following background verification(s):
Childcare References,Personal References - Non-Relative,Sex Offender,Criminal History,Driving Record Search,Drug Testing,Education Verification,Social Security Number Trace,Past Employment Verification,Pre-employment Physical
Bilingual nanny preferred:
We prefer the following qualifications in a nanny:
Swimmer,CPR / First Aid Certified,Non-drinker,Drives,Non-smoker,Cooks,Tutoring Skills,Nanny Experience
Does your family smoke?
Please describe your discipline style, and what methods you'd be comfortable having your nanny use:
The boys seem to respond best to the redirection of negative situation into a positive situation. When the adult in charge can see that there may be an unpleasant experience about to arise and take the initiative to immediately change the direction and energy of the situation at hand or potential situation, it makes everyone's life better! The boys do know what they like, what they want and can often be headstrong. They need someone that will take the time to understand them and work it out with them, whatever the circumstances may be. A daily reward system, such as picking something from the treasure box seems to work well for the boys.
Are there any family problems a nanny should be aware of, or is there anyone in your family involved in treatment (counselling, medication, support groups, etc.) for special needs such as learning disabilities, chronic illness, family trauma, etc.?
There are no special needs, dietary restrictions, disabilities or special circumstances. There are no other adults living in the home. There are no pets. There are no smokers. No one has a criminal background. The family is a traditional type family. No one shares custody.
Please describe your family:
The family is a southern family, born and raised with deep roots and strong family values. They are of the Baptist faith. Both parents are both very open-minded, loving, caring and easygoing. Their parenting style is similar, they take a laid back approach. The parents are a fast-paced, hardworking and ambitious couple. Both are 35 years old and have known each other since kindergarten and were even in the same kindergarten class. Together, they own and operate a local business, which is located about 15 minutes from their home. Their business is growing and they are also pursuing other entrepreneurial endeavors which keep them very busy. They both love to work hard and play hard. The parents are regular, practical, down-to-earth people. They are far from upscale and are your common middle class family that need help with childcare since both parents have a full-time career. The parents absolutely love their family time. They also enjoy spending quality alone time together and would very much appreciate a date night or weekend getaway since they very rarely get adult time. They enjoy being outdoors, staying active, doing activities they can do as a family. They have a lake house that’s 30 minutes away from their home where they love spending the summers fishing and tubing. They are excited about taking their new RV that sleeps 11 out on their first adventure to go deep sea fishing in Louisiana this month. They enjoy going to Dallas to watch the Texas Rangers play baseball and have season tickets to Six Flags in Dallas. When all the children are born and able to walk, the family would love to spend time visiting the Caribbean. They were married in Jamaica and the mom spent some time in the Virgin Islands. Their dream vacation would be spent island hopping in the Caribbean with the whole family. Their very favorite thing to do is spend time at home on their property. They love playing together outside, searching for artifacts, riding four-wheelers and having bonfires. They love to ride to the highest point on their property to watch the sunset in the evenings. The family consists of four very energetic boys ages twelve, four, three and one and twins due in the spring of 2017. They play hard, are full of energy and like to cut up and play jokes. They are your typical rough and rowdy all-boy little country boys. They all love being outside, swimming, boating, hunting, fishing and riding four-wheelers. They love sports, staying active and need to be challenged. Most of the time they are best friends, but are known to have typical brotherly fights. They tend to be very competitive. Their oldest, age 12, is in the seventh grade and attends the local school. He will be 13 in February and can pretty much take care of himself. He is big into sports and loves to play football, baseball and lift weights. He also enjoys painting, drawing, utubing, video games and is interested in computer graphic design. He is very easy-going, honest, artistic, creative and tech-savvy. He can type 87 words a minute and active in school clubs. He loves spending time with his aunts, uncles and grandparents and often spends the weekend at their house. Their four year old is extremely smart, independent, helpful and a sometimes little bossy. He loves using tools, working on trucks and tractors, helping his Daddy bush hog and disk the fields, reading books, playing in the dirt, digging for worms, collecting rocks and helping out any way he can. He is the best fisherman in the family. When no one else is getting a bite, he always seems to be able to catch a fish. He has been saying the Pledge of Allegiance since he turned two, he can put together puzzles without help in a split second, can write his name, knows all his ABCs, colors, numbers, animals, tools and proper excavator names. And often corrects his brothers when they don’t use the proper name, such as calling a trackhoe a backhoe. Their three year old loves to be silly, is easy going, sweet, loving and all the girls are very fond of him. He loves music, singing, animals, to be held, snuggled and read to, playing in the dirt, digging for worms and getting really dirty. He is a people-pleaser and he always tells you what you want to hear. He often tells his mom that she’s beautiful, a princess and a sweetheart. He can melt a heart in a second! Their one year old is the boss. He loves to be outside, playing in the dirt, riding the tractor with Daddy, the four wheeler with Mommy and thinks he’s as big as his brothers. He also enjoys trucks, tools and helping clean. He loves laughing, making everyone else laugh and being the center of attention. They are so very excited about the arrival of the twin additions coming in the spring of 2017. The genders have not been determined yet, but an ultrasound is scheduled very soon. They cannot wait to find out! The parents both love watching their children smile, laugh, grow and enjoy life. They want their children to love life and enjoy the journey of their choosing. They want their children to believe in their dreams and passionately pursue them. They want them to be true to themselves and do what makes them happy. They want their children to learn kindness, appreciation and respect. They want them to experience happiness and success. They want their children to know how much they are loved, appreciated, needed and supported. They want them to see how grateful they are to have them in their lives and how proud they are to be their parents.
Please describe the layout of your home and neighborhood:
The family lives on 125 beautiful acres on the outskirts of a small town. They have a four bedroom, two bath single family home located in a private, rural area with a gate, with no neighbors other than family. They have no carpet and all leather furniture. Since their family is growing, they are in the process of building a new house on the highest point of their property. It will be a timber and rock lodge-style home with a second floor wrap around porch. They plan to have an extensive outdoor living and entertaining area so they can enjoy outdoor meals, sunsets and family time. They have recently completed the shop on the property. They plan to farm and raise cows, horses, and chickens once the house is complete. There will be hay fields and a large stocked pond. There is a creek that runs at the back of their property where they often fish.
Please write a brief description outlining the responsibilities of your job:
The family is looking for a full-time, long-term dedicated career nanny who loves what she does and knows what she’s doing. They prefer a well-educated nanny with many years of experience in childcare, especially with preschoolers and toddlers. They need a nanny that is comfortable with several children at time. They also need a nanny that has experience with newborns and multiples. They need a nanny that is comfortable with the country life and slow pace of a small town. While at the same time, the nanny will need to be very active, fast-paced, healthy, fit and energetic to keep up with their lively boys and lifestyle. Since they are a large and growing family, it would helpful for their nanny to be flexible, adapt easily, to go with the flow and adjust to any changes. They are looking for a nanny that will work with them in creating a schedule that will satisfy everyone. They prefer a nanny that appreciates streamlined routines and automation in appropriate areas that will make the household flow easily. They also desire a nanny that loves spontaneity and surprises to avoid boredom and monotony. They want a nanny that will enjoy doing activities that they enjoy, but they are also open to having a nanny with a different background that could teach them a new language and culture. They would like for their nanny to be friendly, outgoing, optimistic and upbeat and someone who is always looking for the good in any situation. She needs to have excellent communication skills and is easy to talk to. The boys seem to do well with someone that is very warm, caring, nurturing, gentle, soft spoken and possess a sweet demeanor. Their nanny will need to be creative, resourceful, have a knack for planning and taking charge. They would appreciate a nanny that can pick up on what needs to be done and takes the initiative to do it. They want their nanny to be someone who loves to laugh, have fun, has a great sense of humor and doesn't mind joking around or the occasional prank. They prefer their nanny to be neat and tidy and have excellent personal hygiene. They would like to have a nanny that believes in God. They want their nanny to be very open, honest, loyal, trustworthy and confidential. The family is active in their community and local school, but they are very private people and are not fond of social media. They want a nanny that would not use social media with their children. They do love receiving pictures of the children during the day showing what they are doing and learning. They want to feel confident that their children are being well taking care of and are having a great time. Their nanny will need to be able to create a stimulating, nurturing and safe environment for their children that will enrich their intellectual, emotional and physical development. They want her to plan and lead fun activities that the children enjoy that can also be a learning opportunity. They also would like her to give the children free time to use their imaginations and do what comes natural to them. They do love playing restaurant, pretending they are on a fishing trip or managing a construction site. The boys would love a nanny that doesn't mind getting dirty, can be silly and is adventurous. They do enjoy organized games, arts and crafts, music, sports, exercise and reading time. The parents would like for the nanny to encourage and develop good manners and appropriate social/public behavior. They would like the nanny to also encourage sharing, being respectful of each other and being appreciative. It would be great if the nanny could help with keeping the children accountable for their daily responsibilities and help with performing age appropriate chores to aid with the family household, while at the same time making it fun so that it doesn't seem like a chore or work. The mom loves having things planned and scheduled so that she and the children will know what to expect. She would very much appreciate a written list or journal of the children's activities, goals, developments and progress. The nanny would need to help with tending to the children’s basic needs such as feeding, bathing, dressing, changing diapers, and brushing teeth. It would be a dream for the parents to be able to come home from a long, hard day at work, to a nice family meal and be able to spend quality time with the children in the evening and not have to worry about household chores. Their nanny will need to be able to drive and have an excellent driving record. A vehicle would be provided for the nanny to drive the children to school, appointments and activities. They would like her to tidy up after children, help with laundry, dishes, and with keeping the home neat, clean, sanitized and organized. The family does struggle with meal time and feel as though they are in a rut with offering a variety of healthy recipes. It would be very helpful to have a nanny that enjoys cooking and has a lot of healthy meal ideas. They are lovers of seafood and their favorites are crab legs, shrimp, lobster, crab au gratin, crab cakes, fish, and crawfish. They also love a great steak. They would like help with creatively incorporating more veggies in their diet and finding some new recipes. Someone with a host of new healthy, quick and easy recipes would be awesome! Currently, the three and four year old attend pre-kindergarten in the same town their business is in, the grandmother keeps the one year old at her house or their house and the 12 year old attends the local junior high school. He usually rides his fourwheeler down to his grandparents house at 5:00 every morning and has breakfast with them. The bus picks him up from their house at 7:20 and drops him off in the evenings around 3:20. The four year old will start kindergarten August 2017 and the three year old will start the following year. They will both ride the bus with 12 year old when they start kindergarten. They would like to take the middle two out of pre-kindergarten and give the grandmother break so the nanny would be taking care of the youngest three while the parents work. Their business is open from 6:30-3:00, but their hours have been more like 8:00-4:00 or 5:00. This is the four year olds last year before he MUST attend school for the next 17 years so they are really wanting him to enjoy his time off, wake up when he wants to, play and have fun. They want the same for younger two. They want their children to enjoy being kids, but also want them to be prepared for kindergarten and have lessons with the nanny, as they do love learning. The parents are very flexible, easy to work with and understand everything works better when there is a schedule in place. They also agree that there will be days when the routine goes out the window. They want the nanny to try a few things and see what will work best for her and the children. The nanny’s hours would be from around 7:00 am to 4:00-5:00 pm.
Additional Comments you would like a nanny to know about your family:
The family would like to find a nanny that can start as soon as possible but no later than February 2017 to be able to settle in before the arrival of the twins. The family has genuine concern about the happiness of their nanny. They want her to thoroughly enjoy her stay with them and her job. They want their nanny to feel as though she is part of their family and is welcome in their home, lives and activities. They want to create a strong bond and loving relationship with their nanny just as they have with their own family members.

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