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You guys have been wonderful, helpful and straightforward. I really appreciate your organization. I have made a selection from your profiles and this new nanny will be starting. Many thanks to you for all your help and patience, you're terrific.

Nancy,Hillsborough, NJ Awards, Partners & Affiliations

Nannies4hire provides a couple of "mannies" for a Today segment on male nannies

Candi Wingate discusses the benefits of multiple families sharing a nanny on WTVD News

Nannies4Hire has provided assistance to Dr. Phil's guests on numerous occasions.
Inc. Magazine honors on their Inc. 500 list of America's fastest growing private companies.
Candi Wingate, President of, appeared on the TLC program "Jon & Kate plus 8" to assist the couple with finding a nanny. You can view highlights of that episode here along with highlights from another episode of the program which also features Nannies4hire.
Read this testimonial praising nannies provided by Nannies4hire for a military function.
Your people were awesome! They had so many activities for the kids and the 2 girls with the infants were the best - they even had six of them sleeping at one time!!!!!!!!
Read more about Nannies4hire Event Childcare.
This is what NBA personnel said about child care for NBA players' children provided by
The nannies are getting along great with the families and the kids love them. is participating in the TODAY Show's 16th Annual Holiday Toy and Gift Drive for needy families all over the United States! Items collected go to more than 200 nonprofit family organizations in all 50 states reaching millions of kids.
Read "Hungary for travel (but on a budget)? Consider au pairing" in USA Today which includes information and comments from Nannies4hire President, Candi Wingate.
Watch "What to Look For in a Summer Nanny or Babysitter" which aired on WOWT. In this news segment, a local mom describes the resources - which included Nannies4Hire - that she uses when looking for summer child care.
Candi Wingate appeared in the E! True Story episode which followed Kate Gosselin's rise to fame. In the show, Candi offers her insight into the life of Kate and her family.
Nannies4hire worked with the Nebraska Business Development Center to provide childcare for military families.
Read Candi Wingate's five things that nannies wished Moms knew published in Pregnancy Magazine.
Watch Candi Wingate's interview on The Insider here where she discusses working with Jon & Kate Gosselin.
Candi Wingate was interviewed in the Myerstown Herald about her experience working with the Gosselins. Read the interview here.
Good Morning America contacted the experts at to help with a story Nanny vs Mommy. Click Here to view.
Candi Wingate shares her experience working with the Gosselin family in the Today article Do children ever belong on reality TV? and were recently featured in a column on, "Recession shakes up nanny business", talking about the pros and cons of nanny sharing and babysitting and calling it 'a godsend' in this recession. Agencies are touting the benefits of what's called nanny sharing, when two families share the talents of a single nanny., which boasts of helping more than 500,000 U.S. and Canada families since 1987, said the addition of nanny sharing has boosted business by 15 percent. Candi Wingate was quoted, "One family has the nanny for two days, the other has the nanny for three days. Nanny sharing might save a family as much as 30 percent on what an exclusive nanny might charge." participated in the Studio Audience Gifting for the show "Ask Our Doctors - Mom Edition"
The Nebraska Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Nebraska presented Candi Wingate and Nannies International Inc. the 2010 Nebraska Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Nannies International Inc. is the parent company of, and
Read some advice for helping children deal with a deployed parent in the article "Kids Deployment Challenges" by Candi Wingate which was published on In another article on the same site, Candi discusses "The Affects of Military Life on Children"
With a greater percentage of men out of work, more of them are becoming Mannies. Read this article from magazine.
Nannies4hire was featured on Military Mom Talk Radio
Candi Wingate contributed to an article Streamline Your Family Life published in SheKnows Parenting. Candi provides some valuable advice on traveling with a family.
Candi Wingate wrote "Cost-Effective Summer Childcare Options" which was published in Psychology Today.
KETV News reports on how helped a young family with their child care needs. Watch and read it here.
Read the article about Candi Wingate published in the Norfolk Daily News where she shares a little of herself and the history of
A Nannies4Hire nanny detects attempted fraud, watch this WOWT News report.
A panel of experts including Candi Wingate offer tips on parenting together in "Letting Go of Control" published on
"Tween Texted Instead of Watching My Kid" by Bethany Sanders was published on and includes great advice from Candi Wingate about your child care provider and cell phones.
Kristen Kalning authored "More men seeking 'manny' work due to lousy economy" which was published on Today Moms. In the article, Kristin includes information provided by Candi Wingate.
This Quick Tips segment on USA Today - Child care costs and hiring a nanny - includes and provides practical and timely information for arranging summer child care.
Read these tips for a babysitter or nanny provided by Candi Wingate and published in Working Mother.
Published in CityParent is Candi Wingate's article titled "Choosing a Nanny".
The Truth About Nannies - 9 caregiver myths debunked and The Art of Dining Out, articles by Candi Wingate, were recently published on
Candi Wingate offers valuable advice in "How to Hire a Nanny for your Baby" and "Do's and Dont's of Traveling with a Nanny". Both articles published in Pregnancy and Baby.
The "Boston Globe" published an article which includes comments and advice from Candi Wingate on background checks and hiring child care using online services.
Parenting Magazine featured in their July issue as part of their 101 Days of Summer online giveaway. included Candi Wingate in the article "10 People Who Rose from Employee to Business Owner".
Candi Wingate offers advice in “Got a Shy Kid? Here's How to Help Him Make Friends” and You Tell Us: How Do You Get Organized for the Holidays? both published on
The Summer 2011 issue of De-Stress 4 Life Magazine featured “Gardening with your Children” an article by Candi Wingate. teamed up with Good Housekeeping and provided nannies to help with their Research Institute on Tour
Candi Wingate appears in a series of daily segments as part of Fox 17's "Caring for Kids Weeks". View all five segments here.
In "Disciplining Other's Kids", on Fox 17, Candi provides insight and guidance when it's necessary to discipline someone else's child.
The Family Groove asked Candi Wingate for advice on finding a nanny and published her answers in their article which you can read here.
Read an article written by Candi Wingate and published on titled "Benefits of Hiring a Nanny" and also "Let's Get This Potty Started" here.
Click here to watch the KPTM report on how a family used Nannies4Hire to find a nanny and also a segment on the use of nanny cams.
Read "Better Care for Less Money" an article from Richmond Parent which is based on advice from Candi Wingate.
Mom Invented interviewed Candi Wingate as a mom in business. Read the full interview here.
"Time for a Nanny? A child-care option to consider." was published in the April 2010 issue of Parents Express magazine.
Candi Wingate authored "Summer Childcare That Doesn't Break the Bank" which was published on Working Mother.
Twin Cities Fox 9 reported on an area family that used to find a wonderful nanny. Watch the segment here. and were featured on Daytime TV "Shower the new mom with Childcare"! A new baby is a huge adjustment, and a little help goes a long way! Parents-in-the-know have depended on these go-to child care sites for decades. Regardless of the kind of care that fits the new mom's needs- full time or part time, live-in or live-out, daytime or nighttime, short term or long term- a variety of experience levels are available. A new baby is a huge adjustment, and a little help goes a long way!
Mom Space published an article by Candi Wingate titled Tips for Hiring the Perfect Nanny for your Family
Read here about Candi Wingate's history in the nanny profession when she's interviewed by the Entro magazine., a premier Nanny Registry service with an international reach, and the producers of Supernanny, have joined forces to find great families who need some help with their kids. Read more ...
Candi Wingate shares the results of her survey where parents were asked if they would require their nanny to be vaccinated for H1N1 with the San Diego News Network . Read the full article ...
Candi Wingate discusses Nannies4Hire's relationship with the Dr Phil Show on this episode of Blog Talk Radio.

Candi Wingate shares some of her business expertise gained in founding and developing and in an article on Bella Online.
The Mom's Choice Awards is pleased to announce the best in family-friendly media, products and services of 2009. The Mom's Choice Award has been awarded to for their outstanding website and their newest book "100 Tips for Nannies & Families". was recently featured on Single Dad discussing the topics H1N1 and healthy eating for your kids. has been named as a Finalist for the 5th Annual Stevie® Awards for Women in Business in the Women Helping Women category.

The Stevie Awards were created to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and business people worldwide.
Listen to The Bill Mcleod Radio Show, "Helping Single Parents Succeed" where the host interviews Candi Wingate about hiring a nanny.

Read about the results of a survey in "Are You Jealous of Your Nanny?" published on Parent Dish. Read More >>>
Was quoted in the News to Use section of the Chicago Tribune: "Parents who need a break from the kids while on vacation can search for babysitters by ZIP code at"
Read tips for finding a babysitter that was published in the Roanoke Times.
Expert, Candi Wingate, owner of and author of "100 Tips for Nannies & Families" was featured on Blog Talk Radio with Dr. Kent and Sally speaking about the benefits of the tips in her book.
Listen to Candi Wingate, President of Nannies4Hire, interviewed on the nationally syndicated Kathryn Zox Show.

Download the audio here.

You can listen to Candi Wingate's interview on WICC where they discuss the financial benefits of hiring a nanny in these economic condition.

Download the audio here.

Candi Wingate from talks on Frugal WAHMs Talk Radio (WAHM = Work At Home Mom) about the benefits of hiring a nanny, simplifying your life with the help of a nanny, how a nanny can save you money and much, much more.

Download the audio here.

Candi Wingate was interviewed on WLPO AM's "Lou Anne Lenzie" show on the topic of the Granny Nanny.
Nannies4Hire has teamed up with Thyme Maternity on a wonderful prize package given to four Moms every year. has teamed up with "The Nanny Diaries" and offered a Sweepstakes Giveaway to families who registered with 10 Grand Prizes were given away, each package including: "100 Tips for Nannies and Families" Book, The Nanny Diaries DVD, The Nanny Diaries Book, Peg Perego Pliko P3 stroller & Dale and Thomas "Great Crate" popcorn set.
If you suddenly sense the hairs standing up on the back of your neck, you know you're in the right place. We've become quite famous for creating that kind of electricity, the kind that tells you something magical is about to happen and the show is about to start. teamed up with Feld Entertainment to gave away multiple tickets to the "Disney on Ice" show.
Here's what Sassy Frazz- had to say about Care4Hire-
"There's a new trustworthy tool for parents while on the road- The team at has been helping families find quality child care for over 20 years. In fact, the site was designed by a mom to be as easy to use as possible!"
Rocio Catano, president of OC Nannies, and Candi Wingate, president of Nannies For Hire, speak to Family Radio about how to find the best nanny for your children.

Download the audio here.

In the article "Giving Mom a Timeout" published by, & president Candi Wingate discusses child care as a gift for mom with Mother's Day approaching.
Candi Wingate owner of was recently honored when WE MAGAZINEfor Women Launched Women's HALL of FAME; recognizing all she has done and continues to do to make a difference in her community, with her families and the world in general. Read WE Magazine's interview with Candi here.
Listen to Candi Wingate's interview on "Get Ready To Learn Mom" with Stacy Kannenberg and broadcast on toginet radio.

Download the audio here.

Read "Relax and take the stress off of motherhood" published on where Candi Wingate shares her expertise with child care and motherhood.
Candi Wingate provides input for "The Manny Diaries" published on Main Line Today. has published Candi Wingate's story, read it here.
The Merced Sun Star recommends using and for finding trustworthy babysitters in Ask Mr. Dad: Making time for your spouse.
Candi Wingate provides advice on hiring child care providers in an article What should you look for in summer child care? that was published in the Dayton Daily News.
Mocha Manual chatted with Candi Wingate and recommends considering a nanny for solving childcare dilemmas. Wingate shares some great tips and perspectives on considering a nanny: Count the cost. Before you say a nanny isn't in your price range consider the cost of light housekeeping help, someone to run errands and do light grocery shopping, clean your kids' room and keep it organized (that's worth a million), do their laundry (another million), schedule their activities and even pick up that last minute kiddie party present for you. Phew ! Plus free up more time for you. When I had a nanny there was nothing more beautiful than coming home after a late night to find my kids fed and ready for bed, kitchen cleaned and only worrying about which story to read for bedtime. Priceless.
Read about in the March 2009 edition of Bellies & Babies Newsletter.
Candi Wingate was interviewed by the Healthy Baby Network and provides her insight on using a nanny to assist after the birth of a child in an article titled Consider a Nanny for Postpartum Support.
Candi Wingate authored a popular blog article titled "Mom Entrepreneuer" in The Toilet Paper Entrepreneuer where she shares her secrets to juggling a family and career.

On the same site, Candi offers advice in "Not Afraid To Ask For Help" as part of a collection of opinions and advice from women entrepreneuers titled Why Women Entrepreneuers Are Leading.
Candi Wingate's advice to other mom entrepreneuers is available along with the advice from 29 other moms in an ebook titled "Mom 2 Mom" published by Emily Rose @ Home. Click here to read what Candi wrote.
Candi Wingate is interviewed by Heather Allard on The Mogul Mom. Read the entire interview here.