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The following article was published on KETV.COM

Nebraska Woman's Nanny Site Takes Off

Founder: Nannies4Hire Removes Guesswork

A former Nebraska nanny has created a personalized Web site catering to parents who want to remove the stress from their nanny search.

Nannies 4 Hire removes much of the guesswork and puts parents in touch with the right child care provider.

The site takes the place of what agencies typically do. The founder, Candi Wingate, said the site's taking off.

It has been used by the talk show "Dr. Phil" and the reality show "Jon and Kate Plus 8."

Finding the right child care provider was a daunting task for Anna and Craig Galle. The couple visited numerous day cares and never found the right fit for 8-month-old Trevor.

Then they stumbled onto the Nannies 4 Hire Web site. All they had to do was plug in their ZIP code and dozens of nanny profiles popped up.

"It was really nice, because you could look at all the profiles before you had to pay a fee to register," said Anna Gale.

The profiles included photos, their requested schedule and desired salaries. The couple was able to find the right nanny, they said.

Wingate said one of the biggest misconceptions is that nannies are for the wealthy.

"If you have two or more children in day care, you can usually afford a nanny for the same price," she said.

Wingate said she has families representing all incomes that use her site.