How to Hire a Nanny or Babysitter Safely Online

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Hiring a Nanny or Babysitter Safely Online

Hiring a nanny online is easy if you know what to look for and where to go to find someone who is reliable. Make sure the site you are using for research is well-established before you go down this particular path to hiring. is a superior site that not only allows one to search for nannies, but provides a tremendous amount of information on issues such as duties, how to screen nannies and other important details that are needed to have a thorough knowledge of the hiring process.

There are several advantages to hiring a nanny online. One is that you can do a good deal of research before you even contact anyone to interview. For example, has a free search feature that will give you an immediate idea of the amount of nannies living in your area. It will also tell you quite a bit about them at no cost. Information such as the amount of experience the nannies have, their preferred salary, start date and availability are all right there for you to consider. This will set you a step ahead when it comes to screening potential applicants for the position as you can begin narrowing the field right away.

Before contacting a potential candidate, make a list of required traits that you would like to have in a nanny. Ask yourself questions such as how many hours you want her to work, what duties you would like her to have and whether you are looking for a live-in or live-out caregiver. Coming up with this type of information is easier when you browse The site can give you some ideas on what questions to ask, as well as what to consider in terms of possible duties and responsibilities. You will also want to take the time to think about your budget range and how that fits into the overall picture.

Once you have an idea of the basic questions you would like to ask and have an estimated pay rate, think about some deeper issues as well. Besides the practical aspects of hiring a nanny, there are other things to consider. You may want to ask the nanny what they would do in certain types of situations to help evaluate their ability to think on their feet in an emergency.

If skills such as having a CPR certification or child care-related coursework are important to you, make a note of it so you will remember to ask about the candidate's certifications and schooling. While not every nanny will have this type of background, many of them do have some specialized training. You might also want to inquire as to the nanny's childcare philosophy, to make sure that it is in line with your own. These important details are all a part of screening anyone who is going to take care of your child.

When you have some candidates to check and a list of questions and ideas you would like to discuss, it is time to begin contacting potential nannies. makes this a simple process, as once you are registered, you then have immediate access to a list of nannies that are looking for employment. You can then search for nannies by various characteristics, such as live-in or live-out, full- or part-time and their smoking status. This will return a list of candidates that you can begin with, and you can narrow down the field from there.

This site also allows you to save your favorite choices so that you can search again at your convenience through its "top picks" system. This makes things much easier than if you had to keep track of the nannies on paper. If you choose, you can also post a family profile on the site as well. This way potential candidates can also contact you if they think the pairing might be a match. There is also a "nanny match" feature which will keep you up to date on any new nannies that register and meet your criteria.

Reference checks and background checks are an important part of the screening process for any nanny, as are driving record checks if they will be using a vehicle. This can be very time-consuming and labor intensive. You may want to utilize an on-line investigation service to make sure that the applicant is screened to your satisfaction. On background checks are included in some packages.

Although contracts are not necessarily part of every nanny arrangement, it can be very helpful to have a record of the agreement between the two parties. That way if any difficulties arise there is something to refer to. Contracts can be a bit difficult to navigate, but setting the stage for the relationship between you and your nanny is an important thing to take care of so that everyone is clear on what is expected. Registered users of have access to a contract that they can use to help firm up the agreement between the nanny and the parents once all of the details have been discussed and agreed upon.

Searching online for a nanny does not have to be an overwhelming affair. makes finding the perfect person for your household a simple task. If you need more information on hiring a nanny or are wondering about the details involved in securing one for your children, the online search can bring all that you need to your computer so that you can search in comfort and get all the information that you need to make a wise selection.