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We hired a nanny from the Nannies4Hire website. She started on December 1, and we adore her already. She is completely attentive to my two children (18months and 3 years), she takes them for walks to the nearby park, she plays tea party, cars and trucks, reads to them, and I also have her come sometimes when I work from home, so I can work without interruption every 6 minutes! So, I have seen what she does with my kids, and the telling sign, is that when she is not here, my daughter (3) asks the nanny is coming to play with her...

Connie,Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Currently living in: Miami, FL

I have been working as nanny for 21 years with two differents families 10&11 years respectly,taking care of their childrens.

Currently living in: Miami, FL

I started babysitting in Nursing School back in 1973. I babysat for the same family all 3 years of Nursing School.I have also watched friends children and have helped get them off to school when I have been a guest in their home. I have babysat for a 3month old until she was 6months old....

Currently living in: Miami, FL

I have 11 years working for daycares and families,with newborn babys,I have experience with prematures babys as well.

Currently living in: Miami, FL

It was great and amazing. I learned a lot.

Currently living in: Cooper City, FL


Currently living in: Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been responsible for many children ranging from newborn to age of 15years. I have been in a setting of 1 to 9 children.. All without any problems.

Currently living in: Miami , FL

My last kids cielo and Isaac 4 and 3 years old . They were splendid kids enjoy painting and making book activities, also go out for some exercise

Maria Claudia
Currently living in: Coral Gables, FL

I have worked as a preschool teacher in Colombia for over 2 years. I have several degrees in children education. I have two children of my own

Currently living in: Miami, FL

I worked in a kindergarten I'll take care of babies and children aged 3 months to 5 years old changing diapers, bottles, read stories in Spanish, drawing pictures with crayons, some practical work, play dough ect.

Currently living in: Miami, FL

I have been babysitting from the age of 12. I have babysat children between the ages of infant to 14 years. I have been working as a pre-school teacher for the past 13 years. I have thought every age group from infant to Pre-K.