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WOW! What an incredible website you have, and how EASY and AFFORDABLE it is to use. Last Spring, I had to change my nanny unexpectedly. I went to and have been absolutely thrilled with Ana who I found on your site. Ana comes to work with a smile every day, I can tell the time by her punctuality and the kids and I love her. I have had many miserable nanny experiences, especially with agencies. I think you are on to something here by putting the power into the mom's hands and her best gut judgment. Many of the candidates I selected were qualified for the job, wich left me with more than plenty to choose from Thank you for being there when I needed a nanny most!

Christina,Washington, DC

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Currently living in: Windham , ME

private and public childcare nanny

Currently living in: Portland, ME

I have babysat for multiple families over the years, but for the past five summers I have worked exclusively for one family with three children. My responsibilities included transporting them to and from playdates, summer camps and sporting events, hosting playdates, keeping up with the house and the ...

Currently living in: Portland, ME

For the past three and a half years I've been with one family caring for a six year old. My contract with the family runs out in June. I want to continue to pursue my nannying career.

Currently living in: Windham, ME

I've been babysitting for a long time now sense I was 8. I'm very experienced.

Currently living in: Westbrook, ME

Worked at xx for about 2 years, was a camp counsiler taking kids to pool, skating, golfing, etc. And was a coach as well. Then worked as a party hostess, for over a year and took care of birthday parties, helped with cleanup and was also a cashier. I also worked at a Med in the nutrition department. ...

Currently living in: Portland , ME

I have been working as a Nanny for 14 years. My experience is newborn to age 12.

Currently living in: Portland , ME

I was a night nanny for a single mother of two boys and babysitting here and there for friends kids.

Currently living in: Scarborough, ME

I was the lead after school teacher at a child care center and was responsible for thirteen children. Also, I spent two summers being a full time nanny for a family with four (yes, four!) boys ages 5 and up. I was responsible for meal preparations, activity coordination, daily transportation, the ...

Currently living in: Portland, ME

I started babysitting at the young age of 11. I knew right away that I loved working with children. I have over 15 years of experience in childcare with children ranging from infancy to age 12. Throughout my high school years and beyond, I continued babysitting. In my early twenties I had the ...

Currently living in: Old Orchard Beach , ME

Celebrating 10 years since I have been working with children. I currently work in the recreation department part time.