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Thank you for a great web site. I have a nanny position with a great family. We are a perfect fit thanks to I will recommend your site to others.

Debi,Phoenix, AZ

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Currently living in: St. Cloud, MN

I have 5 years of experience care taking for my family. I have a niece who I took care of hundreds of times. I was also a volunteer at xx and have experience watching over kids and teaching them golf, I normally had 4-8 hour shifts. I did this from ages 13-17 during the summers.

Currently living in: Saint Cloud, MN

I grew up with three younger sisters. I babysat between the ages of 11-17. I graduated college (with many student experiences in schools (Kindergarten, 4th grade, 7th grade, and some high school observations). I also student taught in a Kindergarten classroom. I obtained a degree in Elementary ...

Currently living in: St. Cloud, MN

I have been a babysitter through out all of my high school career. As I moved onto college I sadly had to move away from the families that I adored. I have taken care of two separate families. One family that had three children, two younger girls, and the eldest being a boy. I was with this family ...

Currently living in: Foley, MN

Yes I do. In high school I helped out a daycare after school and I have been a nanny for a couple families for years.

Currently living in: Saint Cloud, MN

Currently i help at a daycare as a day care assistant. I love children especially babies. I have been helping care for children since as long as i can remember. I have even taken children over night before.

Currently living in: St. Cloud, MN

I was a nanny for 5 years and a babysitter for 10 years (children ages 0-10).

Currently living in: Saint Joseph, MN

I was a summer day camp director for 3 years. I currently work with children experiencing homelessness and I have 2 kids of my own. One is 3 and the other is under a year.

Currently living in: Sartell, MN

I've worked with kids unprofessionally for 10 years, 3 of which were professional. I've been a PCA for 3 years and I work with special needs kids.

Currently living in: Holdingford, MN

I am a mother of 7 years. I nannied for our neibors before they moved, 8 years ago. Ive also workedat an adult foster home assisting in day to day basic care/needs all house work.

Currently living in: Collegeville, MN

I have always been taking a good care of my younger siblings and other family members.I can proudly say that I tend to have a good relationship with many kids and I take a good care of them with heartfelt interest.