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I am on quite a few babysitter websites without much of a result. I posted on your website, and I was contacted for an interview the same day. You guys ROCK!

Angela,Ventura, CA

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Janeth Eva
Currently living in: Port Chester, NY

Hi I'm currently working for a family for 8 years. The children are 8 and 10 years old. I helped raise both since they were babies. Because they are now older my services are not needed as much. I am looking for a new family that will need help with their children and around the house.

Ana Luisa
Currently living in: Portchester , NY

In my last childcare experience I worked for 3 years with a family with 2 little and wonderful kids. Something that I like it is that could be able to teach Spanish to the older one and he did a good job.

Currently living in: Tarrytown, NY

I work 6 years with 2 kids Now they going to the School all day

Currently living in: Rye Brook, NY

I consider myself a role model to most children that are in my care. Ex: I am aware of safety issues and teach them about that. Teaching while playing with toys is important as well. Ex: showing them the letters and colors on a building block

Currently living in: Cliffside Park, NJ

I currently have an extended experince taking care of children of all ages,natonalities, mostly american. I am a very motivate person willing to give a 100 percent of me and my knowledge to the righ candidates. I am a warm person, sencible and intelligent, so i really appreciate when treated the ...

Currently living in: Mt. Vernon, NY

I am a caring person who loves to interact and aid in the development of children. It is such a joy to know that I am helping them in whatever needs necessary. I have taken care of newborns and up to 10 years old. I am able to teach English and minor Spanish to the relevant age group and assist with ...

Currently living in: Tenafly , NJ

I've been a nanny for nine consecutive years, taking care and supervising children ages 2 to 10 years old. The greatest thing about working with kids of different ages is that I get to move from playing pretend tea party to shooting hoops etc :-) I enjoy all stages with oh so many different ...

Currently living in: Valhalla, NY

I have over 10 years of childcare experience and enjoy working with children of all ages.

Currently living in: Bronx, NY

I was a assistant teacher at bright horizons and School Professionals and as of now I'm a nanny.

Currently living in: Leonia, NJ

After raising my kids I took on various nanny positions and loved all the children like my own. The most recent were a set of twins that I had since they were 6 months old. I am no longer needed because they are five now and started school.