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I have found a nanny through your FABULOUS site in under a week. She is starting for me next week. Thank you so much for helping in this search. I will recommend your site to anyone in need of a nanny!

Alyson,Hollis, NH

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Currently living in: Orem, UT

I have had eight years experience working closely with children, ages 0-16. I have been everything from the nieghborhood babysitter, to a youth counselor.

Currently living in: Orem, UT

Besides raising my own eight children, I have nannied in the past and have been babysitting since I was about 12-years old.

Currently living in: Provo, UT

I grew up in a large family and watched my siblings growing up and started a babysitting company when I was 12. I have been watching kids or working with kids ever since.

Currently living in: Orem, UT

I have babysat for a lot of neighbors and also a lot of families that i attend church with. I love the kids and the parents trust me with their kids.

Currently living in: Highland, UT

I have babysat since I was 11 years old and now I am twenty one,I actually started nannying a family about five years ago and have been doing it off and on ever since especailly when the parents go on vacation. I have babysat all ages from newborn to 17

Currently living in: Yucca Valley, CA

i was a nanny for a very large family that had sextuplets newborns

Currently living in: Orem, UT

I was raised 3rd of twelve children and enjoyed helping care for 5 younger brothers, I've taught 1st and 2nd graders in the public school, taught a variety of subjects and wide range of ages in home school co-ops and church classes, I've been a children's choir teacher and a nanny in Southern ...

Currently living in: American Fork, UT

I have been living in Boston, MA for the past two years nannying and I have previously cared for children for many years!

Currently living in: Pleasant Grove, UT

I've loved every child that I've ever met from babysitting! There is just something about each kid that I always connect with. I have a very kind, loving, & patient heart & I love the feeling of being looked up to. The last family that I had nannied for was the first time I had nannied for a family ...

Currently living in: Orem, UT

Worked as a Nanny for a wonderfull family for 1 year. 2 years in a daycare