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Just wanted to tell you how easy this was. I have found an incredible family and all within 3 days of starting my search. I think is a great source and I will recommend you to others.

Stacy,El Paso, TX

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Currently living in: Naples, FL

I have enjoyed baby-sitting for 25 + years. Love doing activities with children .... Arts and crafts/ sports/swimming/ reading/ cooking etc !

Currently living in: Naples, FL

I have had over 20 years of experience with children of different ages. I have enjoyed caring for them, loving them and being there for them. There really is no greater gift than a child and I know how difficult it can be being a working parent.

Currently living in: Naples, FL

I do not have any formal experience, but I obviously care for my son.

Currently living in: Naples, Fl, FL

I babbysitted/ Nannied for about 2-3 years, family and friends of family's children. I was very responsible and mature so I was paid.

Currently living in: Naples, FL

I have many years of experience in childcare with all ages! Including 3 short term nanny positions, a lot of babysitting and also quite a bit of volunteer work as well.

Currently living in: Naples , FL

I have been babysitting since I was about 12years old, because I love kids. I have babysat up to 3 children at a time before , I can handle however many. I am CPR certified. I am outgoing so I enjoy to be involved and active with the children.

Currently living in: Naples, FL

I started babysitting children back in college most 10+ years ago. Children are a lot fun.

Currently living in: Naples, FL

I have always been a babysitter because I love children. I hAve been a nanny for a little girl from 3 months to 18 months, and babysit often.

Currently living in: Naples, FL

Worked 3 years in daycare setting

Currently living in: Naples, FL

I was working for a family with twins of 4 years of age. From early morning until late at night I was responsible from getting them to school, give them snack, prepare their breakfast and lunch and dinner, give them a bath, plus all the house chores while they were at school. I worked with this ...