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As a family registered at; we just wanted to thank you!! We have found your website to be most straight forward and helpful in our nanny search. We located the perfect nanny a few months back and continue to employ her. We also found the site useful in locating temporary babysitters in our area. Thanks again for the great service.

The Parker Family,Atlanta, GA

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Currently living in: Provo, UT

Nanny for an infant for 7 months. Grew up babysitting children of all ages.

Currently living in: Provo, UT

I have been caring for children since I was 11 years old. I started with babysitting and now I nanny. I have experience with children from one month to 15 years old. I feel very comfortable around children and know how to handle almost any situation that arises. I have graduated with a degree in ...

Currently living in: Sandy, UT

I have 12 years of experience with kids, and 3 years of nannying.

Currently living in: Provo, UT

I have grown up caring for children my entire life. My Mom owns her own preschool in our home and I have always helped teach, read, and interact with 10-20 children at a time. I started babysitting since I was 11, and would babysit and nanny at least 3-4 times a week for several years.

Currently living in: Bountiful, UT

All through high school and early college, I was involved in childcare. I have been a nanny, and a permanent babysitter. I have worked with several families, each with their own unique family dynamic!

Currently living in: North Salt Lake, UT

Worked in a daycare setting for 6 years and was a personal nanny for 2 years

Currently living in: Orem, UT

I did a lot of baby sitting in Jr. And a little a bit in high school. I baby sat for six different families. I baby sat mostly toddlers and babies. I baby one of the families I baby sat for had 3 toddlers that I would baby sit all by myself. Right now I'm working as a full time CNA with the ...

Currently living in: Provo, UT

I worked at a childcare facility during high school and one summer during college. I worked mainly with kids aged 5-12 but also helped out with kids aged 2-5 temporarily. I would take the kids to school and pick them up at the end of the day. I would serve them meals for breakfast and lunch and help ...

Currently living in: North Salt Lake City , UT

I have many cousins all ranging from infant to in their 30s. The ones in the 30s, have had children and ever since I was old enough to watch kids, I was babysitting at nights and during the weekends. My jobs during high school was babysit and you could never see me not holding a baby or having a ...

Currently living in: Orem, UT

I have a very large extended family so there are always children around, and they are often needing someone to watch them, so I have done that many times. I also have two beautiful nieces that I've watched many times. And in my senior year in high school I did an internship with a kindergarten class ...