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Currently living in: Mesa, AZ

I have been taking care of children for around 4 years. I have worked with all age groups and have also taken care of special needs children.

Currently living in: Mesa, AZ

I have almost 11 years experience babysitting and working as a nanny. I am a music major, so I like to keep things creative. I've been known to bring crafts to do with children, or get them involved with other activities like visiting museums. I have started pursuing a degree in Music Education to ...

Currently living in: Mesa, AZ

I have been babysitting for about 5 years now. I babysit my cousins and neighbor kids the most. Occasionally when my parents would go out I would babysit my younger siblings. I would usually babysit at night for my cousins which would include making dinner for them and playing for a bit and then ...

Currently living in: Mesa, AZ

I've worked for nearly two years for a lovely family. Working for this family I cared for a 3 year old until she was 5, a 15 month old until he was 3 as well as a newborn until she was 3 months of age. My duties pertaining to the children included playing with them, planning activities and ...

Currently living in: Phoenix, AZ

well I have been working with children most of my life about 15 til now and also have worked with elderly too.

Currently living in: Phoenix, AZ

I did have raised my two children, my niece as my daughter, my partner three kids, my ex-husband two daughters, I also have worked as a nanny for a family in Dallas where I was in charge of the home and the children, the parent never were there, also in Scottsdale for a family with a 1 years old ...

Currently living in: Rio Verde, AZ

It's not just about loving children. Most people love children because they are precious, cute, funny and innocent little angels, except when they have to change a smelly diaper or clean up after them. :) As far as I'm concerned they are the best co-workers I've ever had! But understanding how they ...

Currently living in: Phoenix , AZ

see cover letter, passionate about empower children to be the best they have been sent here to be!

Currently living in: Mesa, AZ

I babysat all through high school. Ages 1-9+. When I graduated I found a family to nanny with, I did that for a little over a year and a half. Years later I moved out of state and started working again as a nanny for a family of three kids. A newborn at the time, and a 4 and 5 year old. I helped the ...

Currently living in: Mesa, AZ

I been working with children since I was thirteen and almost was offer my own daycare. I also worked with children in my church over ten years. I also did nanny care at the age of fourteen and took care of brothers and sisters for 7 years.