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Currently living in: Las Vegas, NV

Hello, One of the most wonderful things in this world has to be the love of a child. Their smile,laughter,innocence,trust,curiosity and that expression of wonder in their eyes as they are learning. I am definitely interested in your Nanny position. If you could please send me your email address I...

Currently living in: Las Vegas, NV

I have never worked as a nanny/ babysitter but I have some experience taking care of my nephew since he was a baby.

Currently living in: Henderson , NV

I ran an informal babysitting business consisting of 3 girls and myself when I was 11-13 years old. Within the last 3 years most of my girlfriends have had children of their own and I absolutely love and adore hanging out with them and watching them during date night.

Currently living in: Las Vegas, NV

Caring and patient like to watch children learn and grow.

Currently living in: Las Vegas, NV

Had a home daycare when my children were little, 2 years of part time babysitting and 2 years of a live-in Nanny position.

Currently living in: Las Vegas , NV

I have 12 years of experience working with children. My experience covers baby-sitting, childcare and some nanny work. I have five years of experience as a licensed in home care provider with a total of nine kids in the day and six at night. I have three years of experience working in a private ...

Currently living in: Las Vegas, NV

I babysat for almost twenty families during my teens and 20's. After graduating college, I worked for three years as a substitute teacher and para professional at a middle school and was an after school nanny for 2-3 hours a day until the parents got home from their work days

Currently living in: Las Vegas, NV

I'm the oldest of 16 cousins. And I've always been the go to babysitter for family and friends.

Currently living in: Las Vegas, NV

Raised 6 children of my own and help raised 5 grandson, babysit friend and co-worker children and been worked at childcare

Currently living in: Las Vegas, NV

I took care of 4 children under the age of 4. I got them ready for school, fed them lunch, and took them to the bus stop.