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Your site is great and I will always recommend it to others, I found a great family.

Jennilyn,Claymont, DE

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Currently living in: Hudsonville, MI

I have been a nanny for almost 6 years, I have been with the family I nanny for now since 2011!

Currently living in: Grand Rapids, MI

I have lots of expierence with children and I am currently looking for a new nanny job!

Currently living in: Holton, MI

I have worked for a family of 3 . Twin 5yrs and an older sibling that was 10. I had to make sure they were up and on the bus at a certain time, fed breakfast, brush teeth. I also had to get them off the bus and make them dinner and start their homework. ...

Currently living in: Muskegon, MI

I worked for one professional family for over 10 yrs. plus lots of other families. I have cared for children of all ages and twins. I have taught preschool music in private schools and piano lessons in my home.

Currently living in: Big Rapids, MI

I have a lot of experience with children. I have always had a deep love of children but my experience started when i was a sophomore in high school. I volunteered at a daycare center in my home town and i also worked in a 1st and 3rd grade classroom. Currently, i am a nanny for a family with a 7 ...

Currently living in: Norton Shores, MI

I have over 20 years of experience with children of all ages. I have cared for several sets of multiples and many different special needs children.

Currently living in: Muskegon, MI

I have been caring for children since the day I graduated from highschool. Out of all the things I have done this one is my favorite.

Currently living in: Muskegon, MI

Licensed through the State of Muchigan for several years , raised 3 children , and have 6 grandchildren that I have cared for , until recently did In - home - care for 20 years caring disabled persons mostly with Alzheimer's / dementia .

Currently living in: Twin Lake, MI

Was mother's helper for triplets from 1980 to 1984. Also raised my son for last twenty years.

Currently living in: Grand Rapids, MI

Over the past 5 years I have worked on and off as a live-in caregiver. It consisted of three long term jobs and other families on a short term basis. Three families were great and I have worked with and helped children in different healthcare and fitness settings. ...