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Currently living in: Norfolk, NE

I have worked with infants and children of all ages for around six years, starting when I was about 12. Ipreviously worked at a daycare looking after children in the age group of 18 month to 4 years old. I have babysat for my mother's coworker watching her now 18m daughter starting when she was 6m ...

Currently living in: Albion, NE

I have been watching children for 10+ years and enjoy every memorable moment and everything I've learned from caring for children.

Currently living in: Grand Island , NE

I've always loved working with kids. I grew up babysitting and after I graduated from high school, I found different jobs in childcare. Most of them have been in the daycare/preschool setting and they were all rewarding, and sometimes challenging but I've learned a lot from each one of them. My ...

Currently living in: Phillips, NE

I have babysat since I was 11 years old. I have helped my aunt take care of her children which included a set of twins. I also have experience working in a daycare.

Currently living in: Silver Creek, NE

I have worked for my family since I was young. I have exprence with children ages infant to 10 years old. I have worked for two families other than friends and family. I worked for a family with a 6 month old girl till she was 4. An when when a professer at my college reccomented a job working with a ...

Currently living in: Grand Island, NE

I have loved working with children all of my life! I was that 5-year-old asking mothers if I could hold their child. I grew up working with children --whether working in the church nursery or babysitting etc.-- whenever I could! I have been a nanny for three different families (references ...

Currently living in: Dorchester, NE

I have babysat for many families since I was 12. I have been a nanny for two different families with kids' ages ranging from 1 to 12. And currently have been working in a daycare part-time for the past two years!

Currently living in: Grand Island , NE

I work at a daycare for 3 years and I have big family i also have a daughter of 10 months i love children

Currently living in: Grand Island, NE

I watched my cousins children from the ages of about 10 weeks till they started school. One is currently 12 and the other is 4. I currently work at cathedral daycare in senior infants.

Currently living in: Grand Island, NE

I babysit children until I was 18 I then became a para educator with the Grand Island Public Schools system and I now work at a local daycare as a preschool teacher!