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Your website is fantastic and great structured. We love the messageboard and that you can see if somebody read the message or not. Very current and updated profiles!!! First time that we got fast responses on a nanny-page (and we tried a couple of them) Thanks a lot for being on the market!!!!

Ursula & Markus,North Vancouver, BC

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Currently living in: Fort Myers, FL

I raised my son, (w/o his father) who is now a very successful, 30 year old college educated, married father of one, living in the city of Chicago. I assist as live in, with their newborn Son. I also had 2 step sons for 10 years that I took care of, my son's half brothers. I worked as private home ...

Currently living in: Naples, FL

Ran my own licensed day care in the state of CT for 15 years. Two associate degrees and many workshops on the develoment of children, day care issues, child rearing. Worked at summer Art and Music Camp for children grade school age as well as running before and after school programs. Worked as full ...

Currently living in: Naples, FL

I have been an elementary school teacher for over 25 years. I have been a camp counselor and have babysat since I was 10 years old. I have my masters degree in education and I love kids. I am one of 6 children. I stayed at home with my own child for the first 6 years of her life.

Currently living in: Cape Coral, FL

I have worked for three childcare centers. Ages Infants to age seven. One is on the books the other two were volunteered into. I love kids with a good sense of smell.

Currently living in: Bonita Springs, FL

I have always worked with children. Being mature for my age, my first baby-sitting job was when I was 9 years old for a child with Down's Syndrome. I have had many nanny jobs throughout the years, in addition to my teaching career. (I currently teach and am off for the summer) I have nannied in ...

Currently living in: Naples, FL

I took helped take care my brother from the age of 8 from infancy to 18 yrs of age. I also attended FMIT and acquired all of my certifications and diploma. I worked with infants toddlers and preschool aged children. I have also held a job at program working with toddlers.

Currently living in: Capr Caroal, FL

Lived in PA CA VA IL FLORIDA TEXAS ALSO Naples Italy as a nanny lots of recent experience .DID SEVERAL YEARS OF LIVE IN NANNY. Also took some fostercare classes. TAUGHT SUNDAY SCHOOL also worked with runnaway youth at . also I did hot line counseling and was on staff at a womans shelter...I was on ...

Currently living in: Naples, FL

i take care to many children in my life , and every is wonderful and really is the lovely job

Currently living in: Cape Coral, FL

I raised 2 of my own. In Minnesota I nannied for a family of 3.

Currently living in: Naples, FL

I babysat from the time I was 11 until present for multiple families. I became a mothers assistant in highschool which lead me to look for full time nanny employment. During my years in highschool I was also a lifeguard and swim instructor, this included teaching children with special needs. I spent ...