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Just wanted to say THANK YOU for providing this great service. We were looking for a full time nanny to start immediately, and we found several terrific candidates within the first weeks of participation in your service. The nanny we hired started with us last month, and we feel as if we have found the perfect match for our family. THANK YOU!

Dorie,Sewell, NJ

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Currently living in: Fallon, NV

I have watched children for years.

Currently living in: Fallon, NV

Raised 2 beautiful and successful sons, I have nannies other children in the past, currently a nanny for a military family who are being transferred to the East Coast. I also taught art in the xx. I also was a councilor for the xx program. Bus monitor for the xx.

Currently living in: Fallon, NV

Raised two children to adulthood and have helped to take care of my grandchildren (current ages 4,8,10). Also worked as a nanny for 1 year in Washington DC (1992) took care of household and two boys ages 8 months and 4 years.

Currently living in: Fallon, NV

I have babysat children from almost every age group. Mostly I have taken care of children that were either a part of my family or close family friend's children.

Currently living in: Fallon, NV

I started babysitting when I was 16 on my own and worked alongside my older sister when she was babysitting. I have worked for at least 5 different families as a nanny for their children ages from newborn to 10 years old. I love children and would love to get to know a new family!

Currently living in: Reno, NV

Last job I watch a 1.5yr. Tues-Fri from 7am-5:30pm & had been her nanny since 4 months old. Before that I watched a little girl from 4-6 yrs old & took care of her grandma with alzthimers. I love teaching little ones how to be self, reliant & I enjoy making all things a fun, learning experience. A ...

Currently living in: Bridgeport, CT

Was 2 year old taken care for 6 yesr

Currently living in: Lovelock, NV

Babysitting has always been something I've enjoyed doing, and Id love to help out someone who can't afford the costs of daycare.

Currently living in: Lovelock, NV

I've babysat my little cousins and other peoples babies/kids. I absolutely love children and would like to become a teacher some day.

Currently living in: Carson City, NV

Nanny from infant to 14yrs old for three years with CPR certification.