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We absolutely love our nanny, who we found through She has not only been a true professional, but has enriched our children's lives through her gentle, educational, and loving care.

Kevin,Royal Oak, MI

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Currently living in: Omaha, NE

I have been a nanny for many wonderful family's. I have been blessed to have met such wonderful parents and children.

Currently living in: Omaha, NE

I have been a nanny for two families (both had toddlers), I have babysat for multiple children of all ages, and I was a preschool teacher for a year ( I had a class of 8 toddlers).

Currently living in: Omaha, NE

I have worked in a variety of childcare settings for the last 15+ years - day care, montessori, public school, early childhood center, nanny - and with all ages from newborn to early teens.

Currently living in: Omaha, NE

Started babysitting when in was 14. Normally only 2 kids, but have watched up to 6 at a time. Babysat for the same family 4 years in a row

Currently living in: Omaha, NE

I have experience babysitting my younger sisters, cousins and next door neighbors. Started baby sitting when i was 10.

Currently living in: Elkhorn, NE

I began babysitting when I was fourteen years old. I babysat for a family with a newborn. As the family grew, I continued to babysit their children. They now have five children with the oldest being 10. When I went to college I began nannying through the summer. My first experience involved a ...

Currently living in: Omaha, NE

I started working at a daycare at age 16. I adore children of all ages. After a year at that specific daycare, i got an offer from a newer, and larger daycare that had many locations in my area. I have worked there ever since, until this past may, I accepted a nanny position from a family from my ...

Currently living in: Omaha , NE

I have worked with kids from new born to school age anywhere from changing diapers to feeding and bathing them. I do bed time.

Currently living in: Omaha, NE

10+ years babysitting experience, almost 2 years professional nanny experience, experience with multiple children in an in home daycare as well as experience in daycare centers

Currently living in: Omaha, NE

I have worked in day care and nannied for the past ten years. I currently work primarily with infants. I have worked with children of all ages though and continue to baby sit in my free time. I love children and could not imagine doing anything differently.