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I am thrilled to say that i just got a summer nanny job due to your website-i am so grateful!!

Cait,Little Canada, MN

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Currently living in: Conway, AR

At this time I am a nanny for a boy name Charlie. I have been his caregiver since he was 3 months and now he is 11 months. The job will end August so I will need to find another before then. His parents are putting Charlie into daycare for social skills. I will miss him as I have grown attached to ...

Currently living in: Conway , AR

1 year experience working in the nursery, and daycare at church along with hired for babysitting and Nancy duties by family members and others!

Currently living in: Conway, AR

I have worked with my siblings children through out their life as well as a few odd babysitting jobs.

Currently living in: Bigelow, AR

My experience is sitting and being a nanny for all ages. I have nannied or babysat from New born/ infant to a 15-year-old. I have experience with twins, triplets and special needs. I have been Babysitting for almost 8 years now. I currently am CPR/AED certified for infants, children and adults with ...

Currently living in: Little Rock, AR

I am 29 years old and have been babysitting since I was 13. I am still very close to many of these families. I have been a teacher the past 5 years and have loved my experience, but I am looking for a change. The past 2 years I have been a seasonal summer nanny for a family of 3. When I first ...

Currently living in: Conway, AR

Former teacher and counselor wanting to work w children and youth again. They are our future, and I want to help them be inspired, encouraged, and uplifted, motivated, and full of love!!

Currently living in: Conway , AR

I have babysat for 5 years and worked in a daycare for 2.

Currently living in: Conway, AR

I have at least 40 yrs of experience, recently worked and still working with a family of 6 including twins, does housekeeping, cooking, and others that I can do while babies are napping likewashing and ironing clothes, cleaning bathrooms etc

Currently living in: Conway, AR

worked in my kids school when they were growing up have done babysitting in my home forover 20 yrs ran a day care in my homefor over 15 yrs

Currently living in: Conway, AR

I have experience caring for children for over 20 years, including the raising of my 2 sons.