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Thanks so much. I wanted to let you know that I found a Nanny through your site yesterday and she is so sweet. Thanks for the great resource.

Julie,Short HIlls, NJ

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Currently living in: Mishawaka, IN

My first child care position was in 1986 for the 3 sons of a physician; my next door neighbor. I stayed quite busy, scheduled for the weekend care of their boys, as well as the children of their close friends. I spent the summer of 1989 in Liberia, West Africa, where I interacted with the tribal ...

Currently living in: Benton Harbor, MI

My past childcare experience was taking care of my cousin's son in my house for a few hours in which he was tooken care of very well.

Currently living in: Niles, MI

2 girls ages 3 amd 4 3 boys ages 6 to 12 and my son is 23 now

Currently living in: Berrien Springs, MI

I have worked in Childcare development centers for about 2 years. Have been a nanny and babysitter for about 5 years. Various children. I have worked with month old infants all the way up to elementary age. I have experience with multiple children (including twins) to children with special needs. I ...

Currently living in: Benton Harbor, MI

In the past I have baby sat an 8 year old, there was some challenging times but I always make sure we are always happy in the end. I have also babysat a 2,4,7 year old a few years ago they were well behaved and we always had something fun to do beside watching tv. I have babysat a few other times ...

Currently living in: Berrien Springs, MI

I was a nanny for a family with three children for 3 years, then I was a nanny for a family with 2 children for 2 years. I was responsible for feeding, plating, and taking care of the kids and sometimes taking them to and from school, or other activities they participated in.

Currently living in: Berrien Springs, MI

I've always taken care of good kids that listen to what I have to say. I haven't had to deal with very strict or specific parents when it comes to how to take care of their children, but I'm not opposed to doing so. I enjoy dealing with kids.

Currently living in: Berrien Springs, MI

I have three younger brothers and grew up taking care of them and as soon as I was old enough I started baby siting other families children. I have also worked in a daycare and elementary school and currently studying elementary education. I enjoy children and love being surrounded by their energy.

Currently living in: Niles, MI

I am the oldest of 7 children, and I'm also the first grandchild on both sides of my family. I have been around and taken care of children my entire life.

Currently living in: Baroda, MI

I've babysat for 6 years now and have come to love the experience. I have plenty of references of families that would tell you all about the positive influence I've had with their children. I have played sports my whole life including soccer, softball, basketball, cross country, track, and I even ...