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I wanted to say thank you, thank you! Living in a small town with a 35 mile minimum commute for a nanny, I thought it was going to be impossible to find the right match. Within a 24 hour span, we have found the perfect nanny that will fit ours and our children's needs. truly changes lives and for moms that are worried about letting not just anyone watch and help take care of their children, is truly God sent. Thanks Again.

Tiana,Paso Robles, CA

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Currently living in: Cincinnati, OH

I babysat out of my home for 5 years. I worked in a Doctors office for 2 years.

Currently living in: Cincinnati, OH

Summer nanny for the same family for 7 years.

Currently living in: Cincinnati , OH

I was a nanny of 4 and a nanny of an infant. I also have experience working in a daycare/preschool.

Currently living in: Cincinnati , OH

Besides being a stay at home mom of three children who are now 27, 26 and 22 I have worked for a family in South Carolina watching their little boy from 6 weeks to 6 months before we moved out of area. I'm a nanny for twins right now who I've been with since the girls were 6 weeks and now they are ...

Currently living in: Amelia, OH


Currently living in: Batavia, OH

My mom has ran a daycare out of her home since before I was born & I have always helped her out with children of all ages. I also worked at a daycare for 2 years and I babysit on the weekend pretty frequently.

Currently living in: Kettering, OH

I've been a nanny / babysitter for 17 years. I have cared for newborns, multiples, toddlers, school age, and teens. Prefer long term employment. I have managed households which include: scheduling appoinments, transporting children to and from activities, shopping and preparing meals, etc. Willing to ...

Currently living in: Cincinnati, OH

I am currently a full time Nanny looking for part-time employment. I care for children ranging in age of infancy to 7 years old.

Currently living in: Cincinnati, OH

I have worked with children as a life guard, a group and personal swim instructor, a violin instructor and as a baby sitter and care giver for children ranging from 8 months to 13 years of age. I have also developed and implemented instructional groups, volunteering for behavioral health centers in ...

Currently living in: Hyde Park, OH

took vocatinal child care in high school. from age fourteen -sixteen worked at daycare center as summer jobs. raised my own three children has ,worked for same family with 3 children for over 15 years.