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This site has been amazing in my search for a nanny position. Not only have I found a wonderful full-time nanny position, but I have also had several temporary babysitting positions. Thanks again for your straight forward, reputable site. I will continue to refer the site to my friends and family.

Paige,New York, NY

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Currently living in: Ames, IA

I work in a childcare center as well as I have part time nanny experience and side babysitting jobs.

Currently living in: Ames, IA

I've spent the past seven years employed at a baptist church in Ames, where I've taken care of anywhere from one tiny baby to seven or eight infants/toddlers. I grew up in a family of 10 and often had to care for my two younger siblings, as well as doing a lot of cleaning and some cooking to help ...

Currently living in: Urbandale, IA

I have nannied for two years for a family of three. I also currently nanny for a family of one, one day a week, and a family of three everyday after school. I have babysat for many years for all ages of children. I have also worked at a childcare at a YMCA for infants up to 5 years old.

Currently living in: Ankeny, IA

Ive been nannying for a family since August on the weekends.

Currently living in: Stratford, IA

I have been around kids all of my life. My mom was a stay at home mom. When I was born she started a daycare in here home. She had childcare in her home for 20+ years. I have done a lot of babysitting since I was 14 and still continue to do so. I also worked at the daycare center for 6 years in ...

Currently living in: Renwick, IA

i loved watching the boy , started watching him when he had just turned 2 and he just turned 5 i love the experience and i would definitely do it again given the chance

Currently living in: Ames, IA

My experience includes two plus years of raising my step-son from age 6-8. I also will be having a newborn in February that I will care for.

Currently living in: Ames, IA

Hello!! Some information about me that you'll probably be wondering how a twenty year old has experience. I have grown up with a big family and their was always babysitting either a sibling or a family member or someone needing a babysitter at church. I have been babysitting since I was in the 12-13 ...

Currently living in: Ames, IA

I started babysitting when i was 13 years old. By the time I was 15 i was watching infant twins on a regular basis. I also worked in a daycare center in Minnesota for about two years. I loved being able to teach the children and doing arts and crafts with them.

Currently living in: Ames, IA

I have been a summer nanny for 3+ years back in my home state of Wisconsin while on break from college. I am currently a senior in the Elementary Education program at Iowa State University. I love teaching and watching children grow as they learn. As a nanny, I can observe this and also help the ...