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I just wanted to say that I was very glad that I took the time to register with you. I knew that one day I would find a family or vise versa, that would meet my needs. I enjoy children so much, I am so very happy with the family that I am with. The night that I had e-mailed them, she had contacted me that same night, we set up an interview for that sunday, they hired me that following thursday. I was so thrilled, it took me almost a year to find the right family, but in the long run it was all worth while. I just wanted to say thank you.

Kathleen,Maricopa, AZ

Dr. Phil and join together in the new year to bring quality time to couples Helps Dr. Phil Guests Resolve to Make Couple Time Priority

Omaha, NE- January 5, 2009- Today was featured on The Dr. Phil Show, as the topic of the day was the need for couples to have time for themselves without kids. Thanks to the premier nanny and babysitter registry, and, one lucky couple was given some important time outs from their children. Research from shows that couples may be cutting down on their alone time with the economic crunch and sacrificing intimacy in the process.

Giving up that Saturday night date may not be the best way to cut back to save money as Dr. Phil writes the prescription for more time together in the January 5th episode of the Dr. Phil show. Once again and have joined forces with the Dr. Phil show to provide babysitters for one lucky couple.

In a survey of families conducted in October, 2008, couples were asked what cutbacks they were making in the face of the uncertain financial situation. While over 79% of the respondents (n=982) were putting off major purchases of cars, appliances and computers, only 10% were cutting back on hours for their nanny and 20% hours for their babysitters. Date nights may be on the chopping block as 67% were not going out to dinner, 37% cancelling vacations and 31% cancelling their travel plans.

One of the unexpected outcomes of the financial crisis is the impact on the couple’s relationship. Less time together with the increased stress of financial problems can hurt the family in the long run. Alone time is still the most important time a couple can spend together.

“In times of stress, it is very important to make your romantic relationship a high priority. Having babysitters you can trust goes a long way to keeping the marriage alive,” says Candi Wingate, childcare expert and founder of and The company has had a great relationship with the Dr. Phil Show, often providing babysitters for families that are on the show. has also worked with TLC’s hit show, John and Kate Plus Eight and ABC’s Supernanny. For more information or to set up an interview with Candi Wingate, please contact Melanie Anderson, Senior Publicist, Orca Communications Unlimited at (480) 225-7148 or